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Energy Search (Fossil 59)

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=Release information=
This card was reprinted in the {{TCG|Expedition}}, {{TCG|EX Ruby & Sapphire}}, {{TCG|EX Unseen Forces}}, {{TCG|EX Crystal Guardians}}, and {{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}} sets, all with different art from the original print of the card. Expedition added another clause to the card, "show it to your opponent", after the word "card" in the first sentence. All prints since have used the revised wording.[[Image:Energysearch117.jpg|thumb|right|Card as of {{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}<br>Illus. by [[Kai Ishikawa]]]]
[[Image:Energysearch117.jpg|thumb|right|Card as of {{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}<br>Illus. by [[Kai Ishikawa]]]]
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