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Kalos Route 13

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'''Route 13''' (Japanese: '''13ばんどうろ''' ''Route 13'') is a route in northern [[Kalos]], connecting [[Coumarine City]] and [[Lumiose City]], and is the location of the [[Kalos Power Plant]]. The route is also known as '''Lumiose Badlands''' (Japanese: '''ミアレのこうや''' ''Miare Wasteland'').
In the badlands, wild Pokémon will appear in the form of dust clouds that will chase the player and battle them when near. Using any type of [[Repel]] will not prevent the dust clouds from following youthe player. There is also a strong wind that blows in one direction, which affects movement.
The nearby Power Plant apparently produces a special magnetic field that allows {{p|Magneton}} and {{p|Nosepass}} to [[Evolution|evolve]] when leveled up in Route 13.