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* '''Challenge Battle:''' Also introduced in the Battrio 0 upgrade, Challenge Battles are designed to test a player's knowledge of different Pokémon and their capabilities. Each round has one Trainer with a set team, often featuring a particularly powerful Pokémon, and a pre-selected team of Pokémon for the player to use. There is often a certain strategy players must discover when competing in Challenge Battles. This mode is similar to the various challenges found on [[Battle CD]]s from {{g|XD: Gale of Darkness}}. This mode is no longer supported in Battrio V.
* '''Battrio Stadium:''' Introduced in the Battrio V upgrade, players face straight battles against Trainers until they quit or lose. Players can choose to face normal or tough opponents depending on their skill level. Players using Memory Keys can also participate in '''V Battles''' by getting four consecutive wins, in which they face Trainers with a '''[[Items (Battrio)#V Powers|V Power]]''' activated.
* '''Shop/Gachagacha:''' The {{tt|Shop|Battrio S to Battrio 0}} or {{tt|Gachagacha|BatrioBattrio V}} can be accessed between battles in any game mode and can be used to purchase useful {{Battrio|items}} that may aid the player with medals they earn from participating in battles.
===Memory Keys===