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Monta's Serperior

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Later, Monta uses it in a [[Double Battle]] with Cheren's {{p|Tepig}} against a Bike Gang King's {{p|Braviary}}. It starts off with a Vine Whip, which does hardly any damage. Braviary uses {{m|Wing Attack}} hurting it badly. It is nearly taken out by a {{m|Fury Attack}}, and Monta gives it an [[Oran Berry]] to revive it and goes in with a {{m|Grass Pledge}} with {{m|Fire Pledge}} creating the combination needed to defeat Braviary.
In [[PBW2]], itSnivy was used in a battle against Cheren's Tepig, {{p|Pansage}}, and {{p|Basculin}} with {{p|Panpour}} and {{p|Roggenrola}}. Snivy started off with a {{m|Leaf Tornado}} which dies down before it could reach and gets hurt by Tepig's {{m|Ember}}. It attacks Basculin with a Vine Whip, but it switches with Tepig. After Panpour uses {{m|Surf}} and defeats Tepig, he has not noticed that Snivy has fainted too.
In [[PBW3]] itSnivy is used to battle an {{p|Emolga}}, he weakens it with Leaf Tornado before capturing it. Later the group enter a cave and suddenly the ground starts to rumble and a wild {{p|Excadrill}} appears and battles Snivy. Using some impressive moves, he is able to capture it. 
It is then used in a battle against a {{tc|Pokémon Ranger}}'s {{p|Zebstrika}} and {{p|Swanna}} with Emolga. It is hurt badly by Swanna's {{m|Aerial Ace}}, which made Monta switch Snivy out for his newly caught Excadrill.
[[File:Monta Servine.png|thumb|As a Servine]]
In [[PBW4]], Snivy was sent out along with Monta's newly evolved Boldore during a challenge in the Battle Subway. Thanks to the Air Balloon that it was holding, Snivy did not take any damage from {{type|Ground}} moves.
In [[PBW5]], it hasSnivy evolved into a Servine and was used to battle some wild Pokémon. It took on a {{p|Tornadus}} that Monta wanted to capture but Tornadus kept on fleeing.
Servine evolved into a Serperior sometime before the events of encountering {{p|Kyurem}} in [[PBW6]]. Serperior was the first Pokémon to battle Kyurem but despite putting up a fight, Serperior stood no match for Kyurem.
In [[PBW7]], Serperior was used along {{p|Victini}} in a Double Battle against a Trainer[[Muteki]]'s {{p|Jellicent}} and {{p|Hydreigon}}. In the first match, Serperior got beaten sometime after Victini used {{m|V-create}}. During the rematch, Serperior did much better.
In [[PBW8]], Serperior was lent to Cheren during his Triple Battle against Monta's Victini, {{p|Reshiram}} and {{p|Zekrom}}. Serperior was reluctant at first to fight its best friend but decided to do so after Monta convinced it. During the battle, it was taken out by Monta's Reshiram. After the battle, Serperior's feelings were hurt and Monta tried comforting it. When Monta hugged Serperior, Serperior did the same but squished him in happiness.
==Personality and characteristics==