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Game-exclusive Pokémon

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'''Version-exclusive Pokémon''' are Pokémon that are only found in one or two games inwithin a singleparticular [[generation]]set, to encourage trading between multiple players. For instanceexample, in the original {{game3game|RedRuby and Green|Pokémon RedSapphire|s}}, {{p|BellsproutSeedot}} wasappeared absentonly butin appearedRuby, inwhile {{game3p|RedLotad}} andappeared Green|Pokémononly Green|s}}in ({{game3|RedSapphire. andTherefore, Blue|Pokémona Blue|s}}player with Ruby would not be able to obtain Lotad without trading with a player of Sapphire, and outsidevice Japan)versa. Version-exclusive Pokémon usually complement each other in design, type, as well asand location of appearance in the wild.
It is typical for several [[List of Pokémon by evolution family|evolutionary families]] of Pokémon to be version exclusives in the first two games of a generationset, and then, in the third versiongame, some (but not all) version-exclusives from the first two games will be obtainable, while others are not, and some Pokémon that werecould obtainableoriginally be in both of the first two games will be unobtainable in the third game. For example, the {{p|Weedle}} and {{p|Koffing}} families were obtainable in both {{game|Red and Blue|s}}, but unobtainable in {{game|Yellow}}.
Below is a list of Pokémon exclusive to games. ThisThe listgames doesare notseparated takeinto note of Pokémon exclusive between [[Generation III]] [[Kanto]] and [[Hoenn]] gamessets, simply because there are too many Pokémonmeaning that arefor nativeexample, to{{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}} eachwill individualbe regiongrouped totogether, list;and a better indicator of thoseany Pokémon which are missing from each region wouldwill be thelisted [[Listthat ofappears Pokémonin byonly Nationalone Pokédexor number|Kanto Pokédex]] and [[Listtwo of Pokémonthose bythree Hoenn Pokédex number|Hoenn Pokédex]]games. However,Not evenall thisgames doesin nota takegiven {{cat|Generationgeneration IIwill Pokémon}}be into account, sincein the vastsame majorityset, thereofas isthis onlywould listedtend into thecause [[Nationalextremely Pokédex]]long oflists thosebetween games. Furthermore,in adifferent listregions ofwith Pokémon missing from the Generation III GameCube games,different [[Pokémonregional ColosseumPokédex]] and {{Pokémon XD}}, is far too long to be included in this contextes.
TakeNotably, notein that{{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}, themost Pokémonof listedthe belowversion areexclusives fromof thatthe particular[[Generation game,III]] andgames willcan needbe tocaught bein tradedthe fromwild aby game[[dual-slot ''withinmode|inserting theits samerespective generation''GBA thatcartridge doesinto not listthe themDS]]. Therefore,In Pokémon obtainableXD, inthe Generationseven IIPokémon bythat tradingappear within [[Generation{{game3|Ruby I]],and PokémonSapphire|Ruby obtainableor inSapphire|s}} [[Generationbut IV]]not byin [[Dual-slotEmerald mode|utilizingare GBAall games]],obtainable; [[legendarythus Pokémon]]a andplayer [[starterof Pokémon]]Emerald andcan Pokémoncomplete obtainedthe fromHoenn attendingPokédex promotionalby events,trading arewith alljust excludedone fromother thegame instead followingof listtwo.
It is of relevant note that in {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}, most of the version exclusives of the [[Generation III]] games can be caught in the wild by [[dual-slot mode|inserting one of the GBA games into the DS]]. In Pokémon XD, the seven Emerald-absent Pokémon are all obtainable, thus eliminating the need in trading with either {{game3|Ruby and Sapphire|Pokémon Ruby or Pokémon Sapphire|s}}.
==In the main series games==