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In Generation VI: general cleanup
Berry growth stages have increased to 6 stages per berry. Times for growth have also changed.
*Stage 0: <Berry>This hasis beenwhere you planted herethe (name of Berry)!
*Stage 1: <(Berry>) is sprouting!
*Stage 2: <(Berry>) seedling is growing well!
*Stage 3: <(Berry>) tree's trunk is getting bigger!
*Stage 4: <(Berry>) tree has buds!
*Stage 5: <(Berry>) tree is in bloom!
*Stage 6: <(Berry>) tree has <(number>) berries!
Two new factors in growing berries are Weeds and Pest Pokémon which will lower the amount of berries produced by one tree if they're not dealt with constantly. A new visual cue to indicate the status of a berry tree are the number of buds/blossoms it has at Stage 4/5.