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Boomburst (move)

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jname=ばくおんぱ |
jtrans=Sound Wave Explosion|
jtranslit=Bakuonpa |
gameimage=XYBoomburst Prerelease Noivern BoomburstVII.png |
type=Normal |
magiccoat=no |
snatch=no |
brightpowdermirrormove=yes |
kingsrock=yes |
flag7=no |
sound=yes |
target=alladjacent |
footnotes= }}|
category=Tough |
appeal=4 |
jam=4 |
appealsc=2 |
scdesc=Earn +3 if the Pokémon that just went hit max Voltage. |
cdesc6=Startles all other Pokémon. User cannot act in the next turn.
'''Boomburst''' (Japanese: '''ばくおんぱ''' ''Sound Wave Explosion'') is a damage-dealing {{type|Normal}} [[move]] introduced in [[Generation VI]].
Boomburst does damage to all adjacent Pokémon, including allies. Pokémon with the [[Ability]] {{a|Soundproof}} are not affected by this move.
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrev3gameabbrev6|XYXYORAS}}<br>{{gameabbrev7|SMUSUM}}|The user attacks everything around it with the destructive power of a terrible, explosive sound.}}
|}{{left clear}}
===By [[Level|leveling up]]===
{{Moveentry/Level62|295|Exploud|1|type=Normal|Normal2|--Monster|Field|1, 85{{sup/6|XY}}<br>1, 58{{sup/6|ORAS}}|1, 58|STAB='''}}
{{Moveentry/Level62|715329|NoivernVibrava|2|Flyingtype=Ground|type2=Dragon|--, 751|Bug|Bug|47{{sup/6|ORAS}}|47}}
{{MovefooterMoveentry/2|Normal715|6Noivern|type=Flying|type2=Dragon|1|Flying|Flying|1, 75|1, 75}}
===By {{pkmn|breeding}}===
==In other games==
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrevmd|SMD}}|It damages all targets in the room, including your teammates, but not you.{{tt|*|Move Summary}}<br>It damages all Pokémon in the same room except for you.{{tt|*|Move Description}}}}
|}{{left clear}}
==In the anime==
{{moveanime|type=normal|exp=yes|gen=TheIn userthe attacksmain with powerful sound waves.|image1series==Alexa Noivern Boomburst.png|image1p=Noivern}}
{{movepmoveanime|type=normal|msexp=715yes|pkmn=Noivern|methodgen=The insidesuser ofattacks Noivern'swith earspowerful glowsound lightwaves.|image1=Ash blue,Noivern thenBoomburst.png|image1p=Ash's letNoivern|image2=Gladion looseNoivern powerfulBoomburst.png|image2p=The soundUltra wavesGuardians' atNoivern|image3=Alexa theNoivern opponentBoomburst.png|image3p=Alexa's Noivern}}
{{movebtmmovep|type=normal|userms=Alexa715|user1pkmn=AlexaNoivern|method=Noivern's body becomes surrounded in a thin light-blue aura, the inside of its ears glow light blue and then blue static appears on both sides of its ears. Noivern|startcode=BW137|startname=Celebrating then sends a swirly supersonic wave of light blue aura towards the Heroopponent, which becomes straight as it is about to hit the opponent. Or Noivern's Comet!|notes=Debutears glow white and it then fires a blast of powerful white sound waves from them at the opponent or the inside of Noivern's ears glow white and a ball of white light appears in front of its ears and a blast of powerful sound waves comes out from the white ball and heads towards the opponent.}}
{{movemid|type=normal|user=Alexa|user1=Alexa's Noivern|startcode=BW137|startname=Celebrating the Hero's Comet!|notes=Debut}}
{{movemid|type=normal|user=Ash's Noivern|startcode=XY110|startname=An Electrifying Rage!}}
{{movebtm|type=normal|user=Ultra Guardians|user1=The Ultra Guardians' Noivern|startcode=SM088|startname=Full Moon and Many Arms!}}
===In Pokémon Generations===
{{moveanime|type=normal|exp=yes|gen=The user attacks with powerful sound waves.|image1=Noivern Boomburst PG.png|image1p=Noivern}}
{{movep|type=normal|ms=715|pkmn=Noivern|method=Noivern's ears glow white and it then fires a blast of powerful white sound waves from them at the opponent.}}
{{movebtm|type=normal|user=Noivern (Pokémon)|user1=A wild Noivern|startcode=PG01|startname=The Adventure|notes=Debut}}
==In the manga==
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
{{movemanga|type=normal|exp=yes|gen=The user attacks with powerful sound waves.|image1=Aster Noivern Boomburst Adventures.png|image1p=Noivern}}
{{movep|type=normal|ms=715|pkmn=Noivern|method=Noivern releases a beam of powerful sound waves from its ears.}}
{{movebtmManga|type=normal|user=Aster|user1=Aster's Noivern|startcode=PAORAS19|startname=Omega Alpha Adventure 19|notes=Debut}}
==In other generations==
|genVI=Boomburst VI
|genVI2=Boomburst VI 2
* Boomburst has the highest base power of all moves with no negative effects on the user.
* Boomburst was the first [[Generation VI]] move seen in the anime. It was used by [[Alexa]]'s {{p|Noivern}} in ''[[BW137|Celebrating the Hero's Comet!]]'', prior to the release of {{g|X and Y}}.
==In other languages==
{{Langtable|color={{normal color}}|bordercolor={{normal color light}}
|dezh_yue=Überschallknall爆音波 ''{{tt|Baauyāmbō|Sonic Blast}}''
|eszh_cmn=Estruendo爆音波 ''{{tt|Bàoyīnbō|Sonic Blast}}''
|fr=Bang Sonique
|ko=폭음파 ''{{tt|Pok'eumpa''|Explosive Sound Wave}}''
|pl=Bum Wybuch
|pt_br=Rajada Explosiva ([[SM088]]-present, TCG)<br>Ricochete ([[BW137]]-[[XY134]]){{tt|*|Mistranslation; same name as Bounce}}
|pt_eu=Rajada Estrondo
{{Project Moves and Abilities notice}}
[[Category:Tough moves]]
[[Category:Moves that can jam]]
[[fr:Bang Sonique]]