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Battle Mode (Stadium)

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'''Battle Mode''' is a mode in the [[Pokémon Stadium series]] in which two players can play against each other or a CPU using any [[rental Pokémon]] available in the game or from the [[Generation I]] and [[Generation II]] games. Battle take place on a grassy field. In Battle Mode, two players battle one CPU player, teamwork emphasized and the only way to win during this type of battle.
Up to four people can play together with only one available CPU player. and playersPlayers have the option of setting the CPU's difficulty from Easy, Normal, and Hard. Players can form teams each choosing 3 Pokémon and players can decide who goes first by selecting theretheir Pokémon first on the selection screen. Pressing L will reset all players Pokémon choices on the selection screen allowing the players to choose again. Holding the R button will allow the player to check which Pokémon they have selected alongside theretheir partners on the selection screen. Players use the A, B, and C buttons to select the Pokémon they will use, and once all 6six have been chosen the battle will begin.
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In both games, players may also choose which stadium to battle in. Each stadium has a different appearance, and and some are based off of environments from [[Kanto]] and [[Johto]]. Players battle until the opposing trainers Pokémon are knocked out.
In [[Pokémon Stadium 2]] the CPU player becomes {{ga|Cal}} and introduces a different character design then the one used in {{game|Gold and Silver|s}}. Cal will use whatever Pokémon the player assigns unless the Challenge Cup is chosen. Also, players and Cal can be given any amount of Pokémon (if Free Battle Mode is selected) from one Pokémon to six. Rules are introduced for Battle Mode; the cup the player chooses will determine the type of rules that are introduced. Rules can be reviewed using the R button at the mode selection screen alongside available Pokémon for the specified cup (Example: Little Cup is for level five Pokémon only).