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|desc={{p|Elekid}} first appeared as a wild Pokémon where it interrupted a picnic that {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} were having. Casey came by and noticed the Elekid after defeating {{TRT}} the second time in the episode. As Elekid is the pre-evolution of her {{p|Electabuzz|favorite mascot}} of the [[baseball]] team, Casey challenged it to a battle with her {{TP|Casey|Meganium}}. Even though it put up a great fight, it was no match for Meganium's strength. As a result, Casey was able to catch Elekid. Since Elekid was caught, {{AP|Larvitar}} felt sad as it wasn't able to see its newly made friend. Casey promised to take care of her newly captured Pokémon and friend. Elekid appeared next to Casey and Meganium when Casey said goodbye to Ash and his friends singing the song of the Electabuzz team.
Elekid madedmade a cameo in ''[[EP263|Address Unown!]]'' where it was shown in Larvitar's memories. It also appeared in ''[[SS011|A Date With Delcatty]]'' where it battled [[Georgio]]'s {{p|Delcatty}} and lost, and in ''[[SS017|Those Darn Electabuzz]]'' where it helped Casey and her other Pokémon to try to resolve a phobia of {{type|Fire}} Pokémon.
Elekid's known moves are {{m|Thunderbolt}} and {{m|Thunder Punch}}.}}