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ISBN= 1-56931-419-51569314195|
publisher=[[VIZ Media]]|
author=[[Kunimi Kawamura]]|
published=September 2006|
previous=[[Psyduck's Tongue Twisters]] (EN)<br/>[[Where is Beedle's Father?]] (JP)|
next= [[Fly on, Butterfree]] (EN)<br/>[[Dodo Yoi Don!]] (JP)|
'''Where's Clefairy's Voice?''' (Japanese: '''ピッピのくるくるおんぷ''' ''{{tt|Pippi's|Clefairy's}} Spinning Notes'') written by Kunimi Kawamura and illustrated by [[Kagemaru Himeno]]. In English, it is the sixth6th book in the [[Pokémon Tales]] series. In Japanese, it is the 15th book. It is 1618 pages long.
{{publications|cover=Noimage.gif|edition=First|country=Japan|company=Shogakukan|date=August 1997|ISBN=409728715X}}
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{{publications|cover=wheresclefairysvoice.jpg|edition=Second?|country=USA|company=Viz Media|date=September 2006?|ISBN=?}}