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Battle Chateau

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The '''Battle Chateau''' (Japanese: '''バトルシャトー''' ''Battle Chateau'') is a chateau on {{rt|7|Kalos}}, where the {{Player}} can fight battles daily. The level of Trainers that appearsappear will depend on the noble rank that the player has achieved through their battles in the Chateau.
Trainers can be battled again after an hour starting from the time the player first entered the Chateau.
==Rank Progressionprogression==
The player's rank starts as a Baron/ or Baroness (depending on gender). As the player wins against Trainers, their rank rises. The Grand Duke/Grand Duchess rank can only be achieved after beating the [[Elite Four]].
* Rank 1: #Baron/Baroness
* Rank 2: #Viscount/Viscountess
* Rank 3: #Earl/Countess
* Rank 4: #Marquis/Marchioness
* Rank 5: #Duke/Duchess
* Rank 6: #Grand Duke/Grand Duchess
Each rank allows the player to face Trainers of an equal or lesser title. For example, if the player is a Viscount, potential Trainers to battle are Viscounts, andViscountesses, Barons and Baronesses. At the higher ranks, the player may be able to face [[Gym Leader]]s, members of the [[Elite Four]], and [[Diantha]].
As players rise in rank, there will be a greater access to more writs which can be issued. Each writ has its own unique effect. ''All writs expire at midnight'' on the day that they are used.
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{{Itemlist|Star Piece|Occasionally received after defeating a Marquis or Marchioness (except [[Gym Leader]]s)|X=yes|y=yes|display={{DL|Valuable item|Star Piece}}}}
{{Itemlist|Pearl String|Occasionally received after defeating a Gym Leader|X=yes|y=yes|display={{DL|Valuable item|Pearl String}}}}
{{Itemlist|Nugget|Occasionally received after defeating a Duke or Duchess (except an [[Elite Four]] member or Duke Hennessy)|X=yes|y=yes|display={{DL|Valuable item|Nugget}}}}
{{Itemlist|Big Nugget|Occasionally received after defeating an [[Elite Four]] member or Duke Hennessy|X=yes|y=yes|display={{DL|Valuable item|Big Nugget}}}}
{{Itemlist|Comet Shard|Occasionally received after defeating Grand Duchess [[Diantha]]|X=yes|y=yes|display={{DL|Valuable item|Comet Shard}}}}