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{{Project leader|{{u|KCorp4000TylerGray}}}}
Some Bulbapedia members have formed a [[Bulbapedia:Projects|project]] to better organize efforts to write and improve '''walkthroughs'''. If you would like to help, see the [[Bulbapedia:Project Walkthroughs/To-do list|To-Do List]].
To join the project, simply add your name '''to the bottom''' of this list:
* '''{{u|KCorp4000TylerGray}}''' - started with main handhelds, will branch out from there. Currently working on XY and updating HeartGold/SoulSilver.
* {{u|DusclopsTrainer}}-A very Impressive and Extensive Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough with data of Wild Pokemon and Secrets
* {{u|PokePuncherPal12}} - I have Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon BLUE~ And please do read my articles!!!
* {{u|Usyflad10}} - pmd2
* {{u|AngelGuardian}}
* {{u|KCorp4000}} - started with main handhelds, will branch out from there.
* {{u|Kolink}} - starting on Crystal Walkthrough. Page should be up soon.
* {{u|CuboneKing}} - Removing things like "too lazy"...
* {{u|Volcronaperson}} - My Diamond is at just the right place to continue the D/P walkthrough
* {{u|JLomb}} - Got Pokemon Stadium 2 and the guide, both in working condition.
* {{u|lotsofllamas}}-do great in gen 4 and glad to help with anything especially honey trees or bug types
* {{u|Drifblim45}}-I own 6 Pokémon games and I know a lot about most of the games I own and about the ones I don't own. So I can help with writing good strategies for new players.
* {{u|PokeGirlStar}}- ☆I'm new to this, but I'll do my best!☆
* {{u|alebcay}}- Wish me luck!
* {{u|GoldenCelebi}} - will focus on HeartGold/SoulSilver post-[[National Pokédex]]
* {{u|Taposa}} - Will try to this :)
* {{u|Mumzy}} - Dedicated to help. ♪
* {{u|Team Magma Zangoose}} - I'll clean up the Hoenn walkthroughs and can help continue writing the DP walkthrough.
* {{u|Skysong44}}- will do what I can with Pokemon Ranger 3 and HeartGold and SoulSilver
* {{u|poikins}}
* {{u|Derts4}}- help correcting grammar and completing walkthroughs.
* {{u|Jonbuddy1 - Goldene und Silberne}} - played at least one game from every generation, including several spinoffs: [[Pokémon Blue]], [[Pokémon Gold]], [[Pokémon Emerald]], [[Pokémon Leafgreen]], Pokémon Firered, [[Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness]], [[Pokémon Platinum]], [[Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia]] (not done), [[Pokémon Soulsilver]], and [[Pokémon White]].
* {{u|MISSINGNO ADDICT}} ♫★☆♥♪
* {{u|Pokedeep}} - Hoeen , Johto and Kanto
* {{u|G50}} - Will help with as many as I can.
* {{u|ninjapicklesdude}} -I have [[Pokémon Sapphire]], [[Pokémon Emerald]],[[Pokémon Leafgreen]], [[Pokémon Firered]], [[Pokémon Diamond]], [[Pokémon Platinum]], [[Pokémon Heartgold]], [[Pokémon Battle Revolution]], and [[PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond]], [[Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia]] and [[Pokémon Ranger]].
* {{u|NateVirus}} - Trying to help a bit with [[Pokémon Platinum]]. Others may be on the way (depends).
* {{u|Rouwvlees}} - I think i can help a little bit with [[Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs]].
* {{u|Ditto519}}-I think the walkthroughs should be more detailed and tell the players what items and trainers/pokemon are worth finding/fighting/catching.
* {{u|Micamike45}}-I'll see what I can do.
* {{u|The4Ryan9}}-I'll help how I can. I know a lot about many of the games.
* {{u|Deviljho}}
* {{u|Auraguardian197}}-I'll help wherever I can. Has a huge collection of screenshots from Generation IV and V.
* {{u|snivylover20}}-has a bunch of strategies on [[Pokestar Studios]]. I'm new, so please help whenever you can.
* {{u|Empressempoleon}}-going to help on whatever I can.
* {{u|Arceus101}}-I'll try to help however I can. I probably will be better with the earlier games though.
* {{u|Feraligatr10}}-I don't have much experience with code and whatnot but I know alot about all of the Pokemon [main series] games.
* {{u|Reshiram18}}- Can help out with Diamond and Pearl, Black and White, and Black 2 and White 2.
* {{u|faneca28}}
== Structure of a page ("Pokémon ... Version") ==
=== Top ===
:When focusing on a pair of older versions that have since been remade, the page should link to the target pair, the remake pair, and the appendix page for the remake pair's walkthrough.
=== Headlines ===
:Each route or city should be included in a level-2 headline.
::<code> == Pallet Town == </code>
::<code> === Ancient Tomb === </code>
=== Images ===
=== Images ===
:There should be map image posted for every new location visited by the player. The image can be placed on either the left or right side of the page near that area's level-2 headline, and should use the "thumb" option to show a thumbnail of the larger image.
::<nowiki> == Route 20 == </nowiki>
::<nowiki> [[File:Route 20.png|thumb|right|</nowiki><b>{{color|{{red color}}|150px}}</b><nowiki>|Route 20]] </nowiki>
=== Trainers ===
=== Trainers ===
:The Trainer battle information should be included wherever a generic Trainer battle can take place.
=== Pokémon ===
=== Pokémon ===
:Every location where the player can obtain a Pokémon, wild or gift, should include the Catch templates pulled directly from the location's page. Exclude any data that is irrelevant to the current guide (Pokémon found only in Emerald can be left out of the Ruby/Sapphire guide, and vice-versa). Also, each table should be listed with the highest encounter rate first, and decreasing from there. If multiple species have the same rate, they should then be listed in National Dex order.
=== Bosses ===
==== Gym battles ====
:Each section that focuses on a city's Gym should use the following, which includes the Gym name, badge image, junior Trainer(s), and Gym Leader.
==== The rival ====
==== The rival ====
:The rival's party should be lined up horizontally across the page.
=== Bottom ===
:Each page should have a link to both the previous and next sections.
== Structure of a page (Other games) ==
:Most mechanics from the "Version" games do not carry over to other games, so walkthroughs on these games cannot be expected to follow the previous layout. These games should describe their own respective venues in as encyclopedic a manner as possible. This includes all opponents, missions, locations, etc.
=== Pokémon Stadium games ===
:* Gym Leader Castle
:* Stadium Mode (Pika Cup, Petit Cup, Poké Cup, Prime Cup)
:* Kid's Club (description of the mini games)
=== Pokémon Colosseum & Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness ===
:* Story Mode
:* Colosseum venues
::* Tower Colosseum
=== Pokémon Battle Revolution ===
:This guide should detail all opposing Trainers in each Colosseum.
:* Gateway Colosseum
:* Stargazer Colosseum
=== Pokémon Snap ===
:This guide should include the Pokémon found in each course, as well as the six Pokémon signs.
:* Beach
:* Rainbow Cloud
=== Pokémon TCG ===
:This guide should detail the eight Pokémon Clubs and their Club Masters, the four Grand Masters, and the Champion.
:* Grass (Nikki)
<!--=== Pokémon TCG 2 ===-->
=== Pokémon Puzzle League ===
:This guide should focus on Puzzle University, where the player must swap the blocks in a certain number of moves.
=== Pokémon Puzzle Challenge ===
:This guide should focus on Single-Player Mode's "Challenge" feature, where the player advances the story by defeating the Johto Gym Leaders.
=== Pokémon Trozei! ===
:This guide should present the game's Adventure Mode, where Lucy Fleetfoot attempts to take down the Phobos Battalion.
=== PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure ===
:This guide should describe the attractions, as well as the various Zones.
:* Bulbasaur's Daring Dash
:*Sky Pavilion
=== Mystery Dungeon: Red & Blue, Time & Darkness, Sky ===
:This guide should follow the story, dividing each section according to the games' chapters.
:Each section should focus on a single mission from the story.
== Other ==
=== Templates ===
== Other ==
=== Templates ===
:* {{template|Project Walkthroughs notice}}
{{Project Walkthroughs notice}}
:* {{template|User Project Walkthroughs}}
{{User Project Walkthroughs}}
:* {{template|walkthrough}}
=== Parent project ===
=== Parent project ===
The parent of this project is [[Bulbapedia:Project Games|Project Games]].
=== Subprojects ===
No subprojects have been defined.
<!--The descendants of this project are:
The descendants of this project are:
*[[Bulbapedia:Project A|Project A]]
*[[Bulbapedia:Project B|Project B]]
*[[Bulbapedia:Project C|Project C]]-->
=== Related projects ===
No related projects have been named.
<!--Related projects include:
Related projects include:
*[[Bulbapedia:Project P|Project P]]
*[[Bulbapedia:Project Q|Project Q]]
*[[Bulbapedia:Project R|Project R]]-->
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