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|<big>'''''New messages to the bottom please. If you post here I will reply here, If I post a comment on another page I will likely be watching it, so please keep the discussion there. Otherwise it gets too hard to follow the conversation.<br/>Please leave any talk page maintenance, including the removal of rule-breaking comments, to a {{Bp|staff|staff member}}.'''''</big>
There are some Kalos pages with breeding tables already, like [[Amaura (Pokémon)#By breeding]], but they shouldn't look like that, saying "Generation V" and just being empty under "Other generations". And on [[Tyrantrum_(Pokémon)#By_breeding|Tyrantrum]] and [[Tyrunt_(Pokémon)#By_breeding|Tyrunt]]'s breeding tables, someone actually typoed the parameters so that those pages are creating links to [[Special:WhatLinksHere/Tyrantrum_%28Pok%C3%A9mon%29/Generation_II_learnset|learnsets it can't have]]. (I know that one's fixable right now, but that won't make it a good/consistent table.) There should really be a proper Gen 6 breeding table template. [[User:Tiddlywinks|Tiddlywinks]] ([[User talk:Tiddlywinks|talk]]) 01:50, 2 November 2013 (UTC)
:Sorry for the delay, I made [[Template:Learnlist/breedh/6|the template]]. There's a list of parameters on the talk page of it, but it works in much the same way the headers for the other sections do. The code is reasonably straightforward, especially compared to the existing/generic ones. I've been trying to improve the 'readability' of our templates anyway, not only removing redundant code but also simplifying the code to make it easier to see what is going on. A lot of the older templates are excessively complex. I'm working my way through them, it's generally quicker and easier to build a new one from scratch than fix the existing ones. <span class="sc">[[User:Werdnae|<span style="color:#2D4B98;">Werdnae</span>]]</span> <small>[[User talk:Werdnae|<span style="color:#009000;">(talk)</span>]]</small> 08:10, 7 November 2013 (UTC)
:Thanks for create the new template of Generation VI breeding, but it seem the [[Template:Learnlist/breedf]] seems need to edit (or just create a breedf design for Gen VI, as i not good at create template......), otherwise it will have some display problem. example---->[] -- [[User:chungkingpun]] 13:10, 9 November 2013 (UTC)
::This is actually a problem for all of the Gen VI learn tables except level. It's because, previously, the non-level tables weren't sortable, so they didn't actually have an extra table within them. (See [ old and nonsortable] vs [ new and sortable].) Since level has always (or for at least some of Gen V) been sortable, its footer deals with that extra table just fine, but the other footers don't and you have to add an extra |} (before or after the footer) to complete the tables properly.
::There's a couple ways it could be solved outside of always adding the |}. One would be to make ''all'' the Gen 5 headers sortable and then make all the footers close that properly. Another way would be to just create a Gen VI footer template for the non-level tables (and maybe a redirect to the Gen V one for the level footer) that closes the tables properly. (I'm honestly for making all the Gen V tables sortable, for consistency.)
::But either way, the question arises: what ''is'' the "proper" way to close the sortable tables? If you look closely at where the footer meets the main part of the learn tables, you'll see that, [ for level], there's actually a tiny space (a line of green) before the footer, while [ for tutoring] or any other non-level table, there's no space. The difference is, the level footer closes the sortable table before making the footer (and then closing the whole table), whereas the closing |}'s jury-rigged for Gen VI tables have all (at least on Bulbasaur's page) been placed at the very end, rather than before the footer, so that the footer becomes part of the sortable table. Which is "proper"? Because they should really be consistent; either the level footer should remove the space or the non-level tables should prefer having the space. (If you look back again at the [ old, nonsortable] tables, you'll also see that, the way they were done, they always had that little line of green before the footer.)
::Overall, I think I'm for just creating properly-closing Gen VI footers and for the footers being separate from the sortable tables. Sometime today, I'll mock that up in my userspace and see if you approve, Werdnae. (Feel free to refer it directly to another staff member if necessary, or tell me who I should take it to.) If they're good, then we can move them to the mainspace and start using them in articles. [[User:Tiddlywinks|Tiddlywinks]] ([[User talk:Tiddlywinks|talk]]) 15:35, 9 November 2013 (UTC)
:::At the moment, I've done these footers: [[User:Tiddlywinks/levelf/6|leveling up]], [[User:Tiddlywinks/tmf/6|TM/HM]], [[User:Tiddlywinks/breedf/6|breeding]], and [[User:Tiddlywinks/tutorf/6|tutoring]]. You can see them all in action in [[Bulbapedia:Sandbox#Learnlist Gen VI footers test|the sandbox]] (compare: [[Bulbasaur (Pokémon)#Learnset]]). Though level's original footer works fine, for the sake of consistency, it should probably have a Gen VI-specific footer as well; that's why I made it, too. Plus, it prevents typos like the "|5|1" parameters for the levelf template currently in the Bulbasaur article (and probably many other pages).
:::Something I noticed: the Gen 5 breeding header doesn't have a link to a Gen I table, which I assume is because you couldn't breed in Gen I. But your GenVI breeding header does include a Gen I link...
:::Also, a kind of random question...should the template redirects like [ tm6] be in the [ Learnlist templates] category too? ...Or possibly in a subcategory for redirects, just to separate them out? [[User:Tiddlywinks|Tiddlywinks]] ([[User talk:Tiddlywinks|talk]]) 04:27, 10 November 2013 (UTC)
::::Nice work on those templates, I've put them into action. I did want to add something for mega evolutions, so I had to change the way you'd set up the level one. As for categorising the redirects, I believe that if there's anything at all on the page at all besides the redirect, it blocks the redirect. It still displays as a redirect, but it just behaves as a regular link. Which would make categorising template redirects impossible. <span class="sc">[[User:Werdnae|<span style="color:#2D4B98;">Werdnae</span>]]</span> <small>[[User talk:Werdnae|<span style="color:#009000;">(talk)</span>]]</small> 07:42, 10 November 2013 (UTC)
== Name Change Request ==
Hey Werdnae, I'd like you to change my username to UltraAsh3000. The reason I request this is because when I created my account, I chose Pikachu in my username because he's the mascot. As of now, however, I really like Ash more.Much appreciated if you do so! [[User:UltraPikachu3000|UltraPikachu3000]] ([[User talk:UltraPikachu3000|talk]]) 23:05, 5 November 2013 (UTC)
:I'm a bit busy to take care of this while I'm on hiatus, you might be better off asking {{u|Kogoro}}, though be aware that she is currently busy making preparations to reopen the Archives, so she's unlikely to be able to do it before then. <span class="sc">[[User:Werdnae|<span style="color:#2D4B98;">Werdnae</span>]]</span> <small>[[User talk:Werdnae|<span style="color:#009000;">(talk)</span>]]</small> 08:10, 7 November 2013 (UTC)
== Prettying up Template:Search ==
[[User:SatoMew2/SearchTemplate|Because why not?]] What do you think of it? [[User:SatoMew2|<b><span style="color:blue">Sato</span></b>]][[User talk:SatoMew2|<b><span style="color:pink">Mew</span></b>]] 10:04, 16 November 2013 (UTC)
:An interesting idea, but I actually prefer that template as plain text. As a side note, can I ask that you make sure that the categories in templates in your userspace are commented out please. <span class="sc">[[User:Werdnae|<span style="color:#2D4B98;">Werdnae</span>]]</span> <small>[[User talk:Werdnae|<span style="color:#009000;">(talk)</span>]]</small> 06:00, 18 November 2013 (UTC)
::They're commented out now, thanks for reminding me. And well, I'm suggesting the redesign because it'd be consistent with the other notice and/or disambiguation templates. Also, what do you think of the note I put there? It would help making the depicted designs consistent since the Global Link artwork is official, is part of the core series game media, and follows the same style. [[User:SatoMew2|<b><span style="color:blue">Sato</span></b>]][[User talk:SatoMew2|<b><span style="color:pink">Mew</span></b>]] 23:11, 21 November 2013 (UTC)
== Hi There ==
Can I get your input on my analysis of the template structure [[Template talk:Moveheader/Level#Level - Set Width Adjustments.3F|here]]? It's starting to look very inconsistent. [[User:CycloneGU|CycloneGU]] ([[User talk:CycloneGU|talk]]) 01:22, 19 November 2013 (UTC)
== Thunder Punch trivia inconsistency ==
I disagree. [ As you can see], the inconsistency it refers to is SatoMew2's misguided attempts at retranslating our move names a few months ago. It just didn't get removed when the move name was reverted. [[User:Pumpkinking0192|Pumpkinking0192]] ([[User talk:Pumpkinking0192|talk]]) 23:22, 8 December 2013 (UTC)
:Hmm. Alright, feel free to remove it again if you wish. I think it's worth noting the Thunder/Lightning discrepancy somewhere, but it probably needs to be done in a different way. <span class="sc">[[User:Werdnae|<span style="color:#2D4B98;">Werdnae</span>]]</span> <small>[[User talk:Werdnae|<span style="color:#009000;">(talk)</span>]]</small> 00:12, 9 December 2013 (UTC)
::You can note it on {{m|Thunder}}'s page, maybe, but Pokemon has a ''pronounced'' [[Electric type#Moves|trend]] of using "Thunder" for Electric moves/attacks - despite the fact that {{wp|thunder}} is not technically electricity - so I don't know that it's actually much ''worth'' noting. If you wanted to note it anywhere, I feel like you should note it everywhere. There are actually ''fewer'' moves with "Elec" in them than there are with "Thunder", in fact. Pokemon has kind of committed to the use of "Thunder" for electric stuff... (So maybe you could put the trivia on the [[Electric (type)]] article. That'd be a way to avoid putting it multiple places.) And Thunder and lightning go hand in hand, so I just don't think the fact that thunder isn't ''technically'' electricity is much worth noting, certainly not multiple times. [[User:Tiddlywinks|Tiddlywinks]] ([[User talk:Tiddlywinks|talk]]) 10:30, 9 December 2013 (UTC)