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Due to the lack of [[soft soil]] in the [[Unova]] region and the fact that the Berry Pots are not obtainable, Mulch became a valuable item in {{game|Black and White|s}}. In {{game|Black and White|s|Pokémon Black 2 and White 2|2}}, Mulch can be sold to a {{tc|Pokémon Breeder}} at the end of [[Mistralton City]]'s runway for {{pdollar}}1000 each.
In [[Pokémon X and Y]], Mulch can be acquired from one of the [[Berry Fields]] composters. By putting in different combinations of Berries, different kinds of Mulch can be produced.
==List of mulches==
|effect=Increases Berry harvest but dries out soil faster
|descxy=Mulch to be used in a Berry field. It increases the Berry harvest that can be grown by diligent watering.
|locxy=Put[[Berry Fields]] composter (Needs two of the same berriestype of Berry and one otherdifferent berry in a compostertype)
|name=SupriseSurprise Mulch
|effect=Increases chance of [[Berry Fields#Mutation|Berry Mutation]]
|descxy=Mulch to be used in a Berry field. ItcausesIt causes strange, sudden mutations based on the combination of Berries.
|locxy=[[HiddenBerry Grotto|Hidden GrottoesFields]], [[Join Avenue]]composter ({{DL|JoinNeeds three of the same type Avenue|Flowerof Shop}}Berry)