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'''Robert''' (Japanese: '''ロバート''' ''Robert'') is a recurring character of the [[Pokémon anime]]. He is a [[Pokémon Coordinator]] from [[Silver Rock Isle]] who first appeared in ''[[AG035|Win, Lose or Drew!]]''.
Robert's first appearance was in ''[[AG035|Win, Lose or Drew!]]'', where he was seen competing in the [[Slateport City]] [[Pokémon Contest]]. He defeated [[Drew]] with his {{p|Milotic}} and won that city's [[Ribbon]].
|epname=Rhapsody in Drew
|desc={{p|Claydol}} was firstobtained seenby inRobert sometime prior to the ''[[AG123|RhapsodyHoenn inGrand DrewFestival]]''. It was first seen being when {{TRT}} was researching Robert on a computer. ItLater, wasRobert laterused seenit alongside Milotic during the final match of the [[Hoenn Grand Festival]] battling alongside Robert's Milotic against [[Drew]]'s {{p|Flygon}} and {{p|Masquerain}} and winningwon.
Claydol's only known move is {{m|Hyper Beam}}.}}
|pt_br=Tatá Guarnieri ([[AG035]])
|es_eu=Eduardo del Hoyo ([[AG035]])<br>Juan Antonio García Sainz de la Maza ([[AG123]])}}
==In the manga==
===In the Ash and Pikachu manga===
[[File:Robert AP.png|thumb|Robert in the Ash and Pikachu manga]]
Robert appears in the chapter, ''[[SP21|The Enchanting Pokémon Soul!]]'', of the Ash and Pikachu manga.
He participated in the same Pokémon Contest that {{an|May}} and [[Drew]] were competing. He was able to get past the first round and battled a Coordinator and his {{p|Seedot}} where he won. After Drew defeated May, Robert battled him in the final round where he was able to defeat him and win the Pokémon Contest.
|img=Robert Milotic AP.png
|epname=The Enchanting Pokémon Soul!
|desc={{p|Milotic}} is Robert's only known Pokémon. He chose Milotic to participate in the Pokémon Contest and was able to get to the final round where Milotic eventually defeated [[Drew's Roselia]].
None of Milotic's moves are known.}}
* Both of Robert's known Pokémon debuted in episodes with [[Drew]] in their titles.
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