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Team Flare

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==In the games==
Team Flare appears in [[Pokémon X and Y|X and Y]]. Their goal is to produce money, while also aiming for a "beautiful and better" world. They are first encountered in [[Glittering Cave]] where they attempt to steal the fossils of the researcher who residesworking there. They are stopped by the player. Once defeated, they areappear in nexta scene in {{rt|10|Kalos}}, examining the mysterious rock formation. The player is spotted by one grunt who wants revenge for ruining their plans having been ruined in [[Glittering Cave]]. Once defeated, they are next spotted in [[Geosenge Town]], Wherewhere they are examining the rock formations there. In {{rt|13|Kalos}}, they are found ciphering electricity from the power plant and blocking the entrance to [[Lumiose City]] as well as causing a black-out across the city, preventing the player from accessing the fifth gym. They are eventually stoppeddefeated once more here by the player. They do not appear again tilluntil the player has received their seventh badge from the [[Anistar City]] gym, where Team Flare's leader, Lysandre, sends out a live broadcast to all trainers via the holo caster. In this broadcast, tellingLysandre themstates that Team Flare plans on wiping out all life on the earth by using the "ultimate weapon"., Aa machine that was built by the king of Kalos, 3,000 years ago thatand had exterminated all life in Kalos for a many years. andLysandre's usingplan is to use the legendary Pokémon of Kalos to([[Xerneas]] activatein itversion byX, going[[Yveltal]] in version Y) to activate the machine in Lysandre Labs in [[Lumiose City]],. whereAfter the player watchesarrives, they watch as the weapon emerges from the ground of [[Geosenge Town]]. Lysandre is eventually forced to cease operation once the player defeats him and is chosen by the legendary Pokemon to save Kalos. Lysandre usinguses what remains of the legendary PokemonsPokemon's Power in the machine to destroy it and crush himself as well. Once Lysandre is crushed by the weapon, Team Flare is disbanded.
<!--==In the anime==