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* With the release of Pokémon Platinum, the order of three Gym battles in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are now shifted: instead of being third, Maylene is now fourth in the line-up.
* She is also the only Gym Leader in Sinnoh to have more Pokémon of the opposite gender than of the same gender as her; in the Veilstone Gym, two out of her three Pokémon are male, while at the Battleground, three out of five are.
* Maylene is currently the only known Fighting-type specialist who is female.
* Of all of the Trainers that can be fought at the [[Battleground]], Maylene has the strongest Pokémon of any of them. Her Lucario, at level 66, is one level stronger than the rest of the Trainers' strongest Pokémon, as all of the rest are at Lv. 65.
** However Maylene compensates for this, since her strongest Pokémon doesn't hold a [[Sitrus Berry]] unlike the other trainers at the Battleground.