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'''The Anger of Legendary Pokémon Heatran''' (Japanese: '''伝説のポケモン・ヒードランの怒り''' ''The Legendary Pokémon - Heatran's Rage'') is the thirtieth chapter of the [[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!]] manga.
{{p|Heatran}} has awoken! The ground begins to shake as the volcano's likelihood of erupting rises. Meanwhile, [[Charon]] and [[Team Galactic]] seem to have escaped the danger, however [[Looker]] and several other [[International Police]] agents disguised as rocks have been waiting for them. But before the villains can be apprehended, a major earthquake occurs, distracting the police allowing Team Galactic to flee, this same quake also leaves [[Hareta]] and the others caved in. Looker commands the other officers to chase Team Galactic while he tries to figure out how to save [[Koya]]. As Hareta and the others consider their options, Koya tells [[Mars]] to shut up when she tries to voice her opinion, saying that he'd never take advice from a member of Team Galactic. Hareta tells him to stop talking to her like that, but Koya simply replies that as a member of Team Galactic, that makes her the enemy. As Heatran attacks, Hareta hands his [[Pokémon Egg]] to [[Mitsumi]] saying that he has a plan. If Heatran is angry, obviously the best way to calm it is to apologize! It doesn't work, and they are chased off as Heatran blasts flames at them left and right.