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|title_en={{tt|The Final Dimensional Duel II|VIZ Media}}/{{tt|Alternate Dimension Showdown II|Chuang Yi}}
|title_ro=Different Dimension Battle II |
|chapter=Platinum |
|volume=40 |
|number=432 |
|location=[[Eterna City]]<br>{{gdis|Battle Frontier|IV}}
|prev_round=AlternateThe DimensionFinal ShowdownDimensional IDuel |I
|next_round=AlternateThe DimensionFinal ShowdownDimensional Duel III|
'''{{tt|The Final Dimensional Duel II|VIZ Media}}/{{tt|Alternate Dimension Showdown II|Chuang Yi}}''' or '''The Warriors Take to the Battle''' (Japanese: '''異次元決戦II''' ''Different Dimension Battle II'' or '''戦士たちの出陣''' ''The Warriors Set Off'') is the 432nd round of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga.
In [[Eterna City]], {{p|Heatran}} launches a large blast of fire at [[GiReg]]. GiReg manages to dodge the attack and throws a punch at Heatran, who promptly jumps out of the way. {{adv|Diamond}} and {{adv|Pearl}} note that since GiReg is out of its {{i|Poké Ball}}, it must be an emergency. [[Charon]] confirms their suspicions and states that {{p|Giratina}}, the banished ruler of the other side of the world, has returned to the real world. Giratina begins rampaging through [[Eterna City]] and destroys [[Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop]]. Diamond tries calling GiReg to help the fleeing townsfolk, but Charon has Heatran keep it busy so that Giratina's rampage will not be stopped.
Diamond and Pearl attempt to use Charon's notebook to try and figure out a solution. Seeing that they managed to decode his notebook, Charon gets Charon angry and he states that since they're dangerous, he must get rid of the two [[Pokédex holdersholder]]s so that he can obtain GiReg as well. Underneath the rubble, [[Mars]], [[SaturnJupiter]], and [[JupiterSaturn]] watch the commotion. Saturn is furious at Charon for revealing that he only joined [[Team Galactic]] to get [[Sinnoh]]'s legendary{{pkmn2|Legendary}} and mythical[[Mythical Pokémon]].
Mars states that dealdealing with Charon would be too bothersome while Saturn assumes Jupiter isn't even listening and is just focused on the hole Giratina came out of. Since they know [[Cyrus]] is inside wherever the hole leads to, Saturn grabs Mars and Jupiter and flies towards it. In the sky, {{p|Azelf}}, {{p|Mesprit}}, and {{p|Uxie}} stare at the hole and nod at each other. Charon tells Heatran to use {{m|Magma Storm}} while Diamond commands a {{m|Crush Grip}} from GiReg. Before Heatran can attack, GiReg grabs it and begins tightly squeezing it. Diamond tells Pearl to go after Giratina while he stays behind to face Charon. Pearl sends out [[Chatler]] and flies towards Giratina's direction.
AtMeanwhile at the {{gdis|Battle Frontier|IV}}, an exhausted {{FB|Factory Head|Thorton}} exclaims that he's finished with the camera machine's repairs. He states that it can fly and return to its owner again. While {{FB|Tower Tycoon|Palmer}} thanks Thorton's genius work, a tired {{FB|Arcade Star|Dahlia}} and {{FB|Hall Matron|Argenta}} complain that everyone has been going to their facilities since the other three are temporarily closed. Argenta wonders how they can even use the camera machine when the whole Battle Frontier is covered in interfering electromagnetic signals. Thorton explains that they'll use [[Aura]] to support the machine, but falls asleep before he can explain any further.
[[Riley]] states that with his Aura, he can catch the camera machine's signal and push away the electromagnetic signals so that the machine will keep its connection up. Dahlia compares his explanation to a snowploughsnowplow. Argenta wonders that since they know where to go, what matters is who is going with the machine. Palmer states that since the plan needs Aura, Riley is coming with them. Thorton is too tired to come and {{FB|Castle Valet|Darach}} states that he cannot leave [[Caitlin]]'s side. A voice appearsthen askingasks if they can come with them.
The voice is revealed to be [[Cheryl]] and [[Mira]], who voice their desire to get back at the person who hurt [[Buck]]. Palmer decides to let them come with. As they exit the building, they find {{adv|Platinum}} waiting with her entire team. With Platinum already there, Palmer notes that he has saved time inby lookingnot having to look for her. After confirming that Platinum is ready and telling her who is joining them, Palmer has Riley, {{TP|Riley|Lucario}}, and {{p|Riolu}} begin using their Aura. Riley goes on ahead while Palmer sends out his {{p|Cresselia}} and hops on her with Platinum, Cheryl, and Mira joining him.
== Major events ==
* {{Advadv|Diamond}} and {{adv|Pearl}} continue their battle against [[Charon]].
* [[Mars]], [[SaturnJupiter]], and [[JupiterSaturn]] plan to find [[Cyrus]] in the [[Distortion World]].
* {{FB|Factory Head|Thorton}} finishes fixing the camera machine, although exhausting himself in the process.
* {{adv|Platinum}}, {{FB|Tower Tycoon|Palmer}}, [[Riley]], [[Mira]], and [[Cheryl]] leave to trace the camera's aura[[Aura]].
=== Debuts ===
==== Pokémon debuts ===={{Adventuresevents}}
====Pokémon debuts====
* {{p|Cresselia}}
== Characters ==
=== Humans ===
* {{adv|Diamond}}
* {{adv|Pearl}}
* {{adv|Platinum}}
* [[Charon]]
* [[Rad Rickshaw]]
* [[Mars]]
* [[Saturn]]
* [[Jupiter]]
* {{FB|Factory Head|Thorton}}
* {{FB|Tower Tycoon|Palmer}}
* {{FB|Arcade Star|Dahlia}}
* {{FB|Castle Valet|Darach}}
* [[Charon]]
* [[Mars]]
* [[Jupiter]]
* [[Saturn]]
* [[Riley]]
* [[Mira]]
* [[Cheryl]]
* [[Rad Rickshaw]]
=== Pokémon ===
* {{p|Regigigas}} ([[GiReg]]; {{adv|Diamond}}'s)
* {{p|Chatot}} ([[Chatler]]/{{tt|Chahiko|Chuang Yi}}; {{adv|Pearl}}'s)
* {{p|Rapidash}} ({{OP|Platinum|Rapidash}})
* {{p|Empoleon}} ({{OP|Platinum|Empoleon}})
* {{p|Lopunny}} ({{advOP|Platinum|Lopunny}}'s)
* {{p|Pachirisu}} ({{adv|Platinum}}'s)
* {{p|Froslass}} ({{adv|Platinum}}'s)
* {{p|Cherrim}} ({{adv|Platinum}}'s)
* {{p|Pachirisu}} ({{adv|Platinum}}'s)
* {{p|Cresselia}} ({{FB|Tower Tycoon|Palmer}}'s)
* {{p|Slowking}} ([[Charon]]'s)
* {{p|Heatran}} ([[Charon]]'s)
* {{p|Clefairy}} (×2; Cliff and Cliffette; [[Rad Rickshaw]]'s)
* {{p|Lucario}} ({{OP|Riley|Lucario}})
* {{p|Riolu}} ([[Riley]]'s)
* {{p|Alakazam}} ([[Mira]]'s)
* {{p|Blissey}} ([[Cheryl]]'s)
* {{p|CresseliaClefairy}} (Cliff and Cliffette/{{FBtt|TowerPippirin Tycoonand Pippiran|PalmerChuang Yi}}; [[Rad Rickshaw]]'s)
* {{p|GiratinaDrifloon}} (Trainer's)
* {{p|DrifloonWobbuffet}} (Trainer's)
* {{p|WobbuffetPersian}} (Trainer's)
* {{p|PersianSpoink}} (Trainer's)
* {{p|SpoinkUxie}} ({{DL|Lake guardians (Adventures)|Uxie|Adventures}})
* {{p|AzelfMesprit}} ({{DL|Lake guardians (Adventures)|Mesprit|Adventures}})
* {{p|UxieAzelf}} ({{DL|Lake guardians (Adventures)|Azelf|Adventures}})
* {{p|MespritGiratina}} ({{DL|Creation trio (Adventures)|Giratina|Adventures}})
== Trivia ==
==In other languages==
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