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'''VS Lapras''' or '''Invasion of the Battle Tower''' (Japanese: '''VS ラプラス''' ''VS {{tt|Laplace|Lapras}}'' or '''突入 バトルタワー''' ''Battle Tower Break In'') is the 326th round of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] {{pkmn|manga}}.
The Frontier Brains struggle to protect the people from the rampaging rental Pokémon. {{FB|Dome Ace|Tucker}} asks where [[Guile Hideout]] went to, and Brandon replies that he headed off to the Battle Tower with {{p|Jirachi}}. {{FB|Pike Queen|Lucy}} asks where {{FB|Factory Head|Noland}} went, and Brandon tells her that he went off to inform {{FB|Palace Maven|Spenser}} of what's happening. {{FB|Arena Tycoon|Greta}} tells everyone to focus on saving everyone instead of worrying about Guile.