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Pokemon rate in Floor 1F (Route 207 Entrance) for Platinum
Again, the pokemon encounter rates do not add up and go well beyond 100%, especially for morning for this area. Most probably the difference arose due to addition of pokemon (Nosepass and Bronzor) available in this area in platinum which were not available in Diamond/Pearl. Thus the encounter rates for Platinum are different than those in Diamond/Pearl for other pokemon and need to be added.
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== Method To Obtain Feebass ==
should we state this method on obtaining feebass
In order to find Feebas in Pokemon Pearl, there are a few things that you must have before you can go out and try to capture them:
1. A Pokemon that knows the HM 03 Surf :)
2. A Pokemon that knows the HM 06 Defog :)
3. A Pokemon that knows the HM 04 Strength :)
4. A Good Rod or Super Rod.
After you have all four of those things, Fly to Celestic Town and go west onto the Route there and enter Mt. Coronet through that entrance. After you enter Mt. Coronet there, you must head north and push aside the boulder that is blocking your path with Strength.
After that, head north and then west when the tunnel heads west (left). Go down the stairs and you should be in an area with a lot of fog. Use Defog and head west and then north, making sure to make your way down to the huge lake in this area of Mt. Coronet.
After you get to the edge of the water, use Surf and Surf all the way into the upper-right hand corner. From there, move 1 tile left and turn around and fish in the upper right hand corner. Make sure that you have the Good Rod set to the Y Button so that you can easily access it. Fish twice in the upper right hand corner, then move back into the upper right hand corner and turn left and fish twice in the tile directly left of you.
Continue this pattern until you finish that row, then fish twice in the tile directly down from the end of the row that you were on and then head back towards the upper-right hand corner (the row below it), fishing twice in every tile there is in that row.
Continue this process throughout the entire lake or until you find a Feebas.
Feebas only appear in 4 of the massive amount of tiles that are in the lake, and they only have about a 10-25% chance of appearing, so you might have to fish in every tile more than twice :)
Oh, I forgot to mention that the tiles that the Feebas appear in are completely different in every single game. While your friend might have found a Feebas in the upper-right hand corner tile, you might not.
This was a method posted on yahoo answers so I copyed it from there I think it should be stated (Just_A_Simple_Edit)