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<i>A Wailord blockage has trapped the boats in Canalave's harbor, and that means Dawn can't take a ferry to her next Contest. There's nothing to do but sit down for lunch, but a wild Luxio and its Pokémon accomplices steal the food! Pikachu and Piplup give chase, but run straight into Team Rocket. As always, Team Rocket tries to grab Pikachu, but Ash catches up with them and escapes into the sewer with his buddy. Piplup uses Whirlpool to toss Team Rocket, and now it's up to Ash to find his way back to his friends. As he wanders the sewers, he comes across the Luxio and its pals. They stole the food to feed a stranded Wailmer that somehow ended up in the sewer!
This Wailmer belongs to the Wailord group out in the harbor, and Ash offers to help Luxio get it back to its friends. He discovers there are many species of Pokémon living in the sewer, and Luxio is their leader; with all of their help, he can get Wailmer up a tall waterfall inside the sewer. Ash's idea is to make a giant ice ramp and push Wailmer up on a sled! Thanks to a last-minute assist from a Venonat, the plan works like a charm. As Wailmer swims even closer to freedom, Dawn and Brock find their way into the sewer and reunite with Ash. Things are looking up!
But one problem remains: a touchy Swampert mistakes Wailmer and the others for intruders in its territory, so it attacks. Ash's Grotle knocks it out and Wailmer swims out into the harbor... then evolves into a Wailord, too big to fit under the drawbridge up ahead! To force the drawbridge open, Pikachu, Luxio, and Pachirisu charge up the drawbridge controls, and Wailord swims through in time to avoid a second attack from Swampert. The new Wailord rejoins its pod and happily swims away as Ash thanks Luxio, then goes to eat his long-delayed lunch—he's earned it!</i>
With {{Ash}}'s sixth [[Badge|Gym Badge]] won, he and {{ashfr}} prepare to head to [[Chocovine Town]] for {{an|Dawn}}'s next {{pkmn|Contest}}. However, the boats are unable to leave because the harbor is blocked by a school of {{p|Wailord}}. They have a picnic to wait out the blockade when a {{p|Luxio}} appears and begins to steal food from the group. Piplup and Pikachu attempt to stop the Luxio, but a Whismur and Nidoran help Luxio and manage to steal the food. Ash chases them into the sewer to find many Pokémon living in a chamber in the sewers, and that Luxio is their leader. Dawn and Brock try to follow him, but a short battle with {{TRT}} leaves the manhole cover sealed shut. [[Brock's Happiny]] tries to pull it off, but to no avail. Dawn then sends out her {{TP|Dawn|Mamoswine}} but it, as usual, doesn't listen to her. Dawn bribes Mamoswine with Poffins to open the manhole cover. It charges at Dawn and stomps on the ground, opening the manhole cover and sending Dawn and her Poffins into the air. Mamoswine eats the Poffins as they fall; Happiny catches Dawn. Down in the sewers, Piplup leads the gang around the sewers to find Ash, although they often just miss each other.