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* Although the Azure Flute will remain in the Bag after it is used, once Arceus is caught, the Azure Flute will no longer summon the entrance to the Hall of Origin when played at the Spear Pillar. Instead, a message reading, "''The Azure Flute echoed hollowly...''" will appear. However, if the player knocks out Arceus, the Azure Flute can be used again to have the Alpha Pokémon{{tt|*|Arceus}} reappear.
* The Azure Flute is the only [[Generation IV]] event Pokémon-related item to not be distributed in any legitimate way.
** In an [ interview] with [[Junichi Masuda]] in 2013, it was revealed that the Azure Flute was thought to be to be too confusing for players to use, leading to the decision not to distribute it.
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