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<i>Ash and his friends run into Gardenia, the Eterna Gym Leader, in the middle of her travels through Sinnoh. Gardenia is about to show off Pokémon battling with a friendly match, but Team Rocket interrupts to try and steal Pikachu! Of course, the minute Gardenia sees James' Cacnea, her love for Grass-type Pokémon blinds her to everything else, and suddenly James finds himself joining Gardenia in a tag battle against Ash and Dawn. Acting on Gardenia's advice, James has Cacnea try a new move, Drain Punch, but it only works once before Pachirisu and Aipom win the battle.
TheIn episode[[Emeragrove opensTown]], witha somegroup of young kidschildren come running out into a school yard and gatheringgather around [[Gardenia]]. {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} thenhappen to walk by and notice her. They greet her and {{an|Brock}} launches into a romantic story of how they could be together, but he is abruptly {{m|Poison Jab|stopped}} by {{TP|Brock|Croagunk}}. Ash asks what brings Gardenia thento the town and she explains that she is promoting battling by having battles all over the area.
{{TRT}} watch from nearby bushes and decide to steal {{AP|Pikachu}} the old-fashioned way. They race out into the open and perform their motto. [[Jessie]] then sends out {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}} and [[James]] sends out {{TP|James|Cacnea}}, which grabs on to him. {{Ash}} asks Pikachu to use {{m|Thunderbolt}}, but before it can, Gardenia isstarts swooning over Cacnea, calling it "cute" and "cuddly", the latter of which makes. {{an|Dawn}} commentcomments that Gardenia has never met a {{type|Grass}} which she didn'thas not fallfallen in love with. James takes Cacnea off her, telling her to grow her own Grass-type. Gardenia asks to borrow it, but James refuses. The children then remind Gardenia that she is supposed to show them a battle. Gardenia then persuades James to join her in a [[Multi Battle|Tag Battle]] against Ash and Dawn., and Brock agrees to referee.
Gardenia sends out {{TP|Gardenia|Turtwig}} alongside Cacnea to face {{TP|Dawn|Pachirisu}} and {{AP|Aipom}} alongside Cacnea. Aipom starts with {{m|Swift}}, which hits Cacnea while Turtwig dodges. Cacnea then fights back with {{m|Pin Missile}} and Turtwig uses {{m|Leaf Storm}}. Both are dodged and Gardenia says that she hadhas never seen such a gorgeous Pin Missile. Pachirisu uses {{m|Spark}}, which Turtwig dodges, before hitting Pachirisu with {{m|Bite}}. Pachirisu then uses {{m|Discharge}}, which is dodged by all the otherseveryone except Cacnea. Aipom uses {{m|Focus Punch}} and Cacnea counters with {{m|Needle Arm}}, which breaks through the Focus Punch and hits Aipom. Meowth comments that the Needle Arm was prettysurprisingly good and Gardenia suggests that Cacnea should use Needle Arm again. Pachirisu uses Spark and James tells Cacnea to counter with Needle Arm, but Pachirisu dodges and hits Cacnea. Aipom prepares to use Focus Punch, and Gardenia suggests James should tell Cacnea to use {{m|Drain Punch}}, and then explains how it is performed. James does so and Cacnea hits Aipom with a powerful Drain Punch, surprising everyone except Gardenia.
While Gardenia wasis distracted with Cacnea, theAsh othersand wereDawn takingtake advantage, and a cry makes Gardenia remember Turtwig just as it is hit by Pachirisu's Spark, knocking it out. Aipom uses Swift and James calls for another Drain Punch, but the move fails and Cacnea is hit. Aipom then hits it with Focus Punch as it tries to use Drain Punch again, knocking Cacnea out and ending the battle. The kidschildren blame James for the loss. Gardenia says that she was right about Cacnea being strong enough to use Drain Punch. Dawn asks why it didn'tdid not work the other times, and Cacnea saysexplains it was an accident that it worked at all. Gardenia says that it was reallyactually because James and Cacnea weren'twere not quite in sync. Gardenia then offers to train Cacnea, before heading to the [[Pokémon Center]] with the kids.
Later, James and Cacnea are sittingsit on a hill overlooking the town, depressed and thoughtful, when Jessie tells them to snap out of it. James then reveals that he isn'tis not sure whether to give Cacnea to Gardenia or not. Cacnea then says that it would like to learn to use Drain Punch. The "[[twerps]]" then come up the hillreturn, and Jessie suggests getting them to help Cacnea train. James and Cacnea start training, making Dawn comment that teamTeam Rocket do the right thing "once in a while", angering Jessie and Meowth. Ash and Pikachu offer to help them train., and while Dawn is doubtful, but James and Cacnea are delighted. Pikachu uses {{m|Quick Attack}}, which Cacnea counters with Needle Arm. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, which Cacnea dodges, causing it to hit James instead. Cacnea uses Needle Arm and Pikachu counters with {{m|Iron Tail}}, but Needle Arm breaks through it and hits Pikachu. Cacnea then tries Drain Punch, but it fails and Cacnea trips on a rock. Brock comments that thetheir timing is still off.
Later, Cacnea is usinguses {{TP|James|Carnivine}} and {{AP|Chimchar}} to practice punching. One of Cacnea's punches then hits Chimchar in the face, so James then tells it to use Drain Punch, but the resulting Drainattack Punchis isn'tnot very strong. That evening, James isgoes back to pondering over whether to give Cacnea to Gardenia, and then decides to have a training battle with Aipom. Gardenia comes up to watch. Aipom opens with Focus Punch, but Cacnea dodges and uses Needle Arm. They try again, but this time Cacnea misses and is hit by Focus Punch. Cacnea dodges another Focus Punch and counters with Needle Arm, before trying another Drain Punch, but it fails. Cacnea tries to counter repeated Focus Punches with Drain Punch, but is hit repeatedly. Cacnea isends up extremely tired, and is still trying to continue, but James stops it. andMaking up his mind, he tells Cacnea to go with Gardenia, as he believes he will not let Cacnea reach its full potential. As he holds up Cacnea's Poké Ball, he fondly recalls his time with Cacneait, and then says goodbye as thehe returns it. He then gives itthe Poké Ball to Gardenia and tells her to look after it, then runs off crying, with Jessie and Meowth in hot pursuit.
The next day at the Pokémon Center, the group saysays goodbye to Gardenia, with Turtwig and Cacnea by her side, while Team Rocket watch from the roof. James wishes one final goodbye to Cacnea from afar.
==Major events==
*[[File:James {{ashfrand Gardenia.png|Thethumb|220px|James group}}giving encounterCacnea to [[Gardenia]] again.
* {{Ash}}ashfr|The and {{an|Dawngroup}} have a Tag Battle withencounters [[JamesGardenia]] and Gardenia and winagain.
* [[James's{{Ash}} Cacnea]] begins to learnand {{man|Drain PunchDawn}} andhave hea gives[[Multi itBattle|Tag toBattle]] with [[James]] and Gardenia forand trainingwin.
* [[James's Cacnea]] begins to learn {{m|Drain Punch}}.
* [[James]] gives his {{TP|James|Cacnea}} to Gardenia for {{pkmn|training}}.
====Pokémon debuts====
* [[Professor Oak's Big Pokémon lectureEncyclopedia]]: {{p|Weavile}}
** [[Pokémon senryū]]: ながいつめ ニューっとひっかく マニューラよ''Nagai tsume, nyū 'tto hikkaku, Manyūra yo.''
* One of the boys calls [[James|Kojirō]] "Kosanji", which usually is used to refer to [[Butch|Kosaburō]]. In the dub, the boy calls James "Old man".
* The instrumental version of [[A Small Thing]] from ''[[M06|Jirachi: Wish Maker]]'' and ''[[Team Rocket Forever]]'' are used as background music.
* {{Ash}} and {{an|Dawn}} narrate the preview for [[DP055|the next episode preview]].
* [[Jessie]] [[Breaking the fourth wall|breaks the fourth wall]] when she says to start up the season in style with the old get-up and go strategy. This is the second episode of [[Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Battle DimensionS11|the season]].
* Dawn has her first battle with a [[Gym Leader]].
* InNot including {{ashfr}}, this is the Latinsecond Americantime dub,Ash has rebattled a Gym Leader after winning their [[James's CacneaBadge]]. isThe referredfirst towas asagainst female[[Wattson]] in ''[[AG059|Manectric Charge]]''.
* This is the second time Ash has rebattled a Gym Leader after winning their Badge. The first was against [[Wattson]] in ''[[AG059|Manectric Charge]]''.
* This is one of the few episodes of the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}} where [[Dawn's Piplup]] does not appear.
* Team Rocket{{TRT}} doesn't blast off in this episode.
* When [[Gardenia]] isstates explainingthat {{m|Drain Punch}} tois James, she mentions it ismore strongerpowerful than {{m|Needle Arm}},. which,This atwas theincorrect time,before was[[Generation incorrect.V]], Bothas Drain Punch and Needle Arm's hadbase thepowers samewere [[basetied power]] ofat 60. AfterHowever, [[Generationit V]]is possible Gardenia was introduced,referring however,to the statementfact wouldthat thenDrain becomePunch true,also asrestores Drainthe Punchuser's baseHP, powerthus wasmaking increasedit tomore 75,''useful'' whilethan Needle Arm's would remain the same.
* Once again, the black part under Gardenia's mantle is invisible.
* After {{TP|James|Cacnea}} is hit by multiple {{m|Focus Punch}}es, Ash's Japanese voice can be heard.
===Dub edits===
* In the Latin American dub, [[James's Cacnea]] is referred to as female.
==In other languages==
|zh_cmn={{tt|菜種與沙漠奈亞!告別是為了誰!|Gardenia and Cacnea! Farewell to Whom!?}}
|cs={{tt|Kdysi tu bývaly zelené louky|Once Upon a Time there were a Green Fields!}}
|he={{tt|!גארדיניה וקקניאה! הפרידה|Gardenia and Cacnea! The Farewell!}}
|it={{tt|Addio, Cacnea!|Goodbye, Cacnea!}}
|ko={{tt|로이와 선인왕! 눈물의 이별|James and Cacnea! A Tearful Farewell}}
|no={{tt|En gang var det bare eng|Once there were (just) greenfields}}
|pl={{tt|Pożegnania nadszedł czas|Farewell, it is time}}
|es_eu={{tt|¡Érase una vez unos campos verdes!|Once there were greenfields!}}
|sv={{tt|En gång var här gröna fält|Once there were greenfields}}
|ru={{tt|Молодо-зелено|Young and green}} {{tt|*| The title is a famous Russian idiom}}
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