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'M 'N g
I hope you improve your abilities with your potential. You can certainly do it. Thanks for reading. [[User:TheOriginalOne|<span style="color:red">'''オリ'''</span>]][[User talk:TheOriginalOne|<span style="color:green">'''ジ'''</span>]][[Special:Contributions/TheOriginalOne|<span style="color:blue">'''ナル'''</span>]] <small>TheOriginalOne</small> 18:49, 21 September 2013 (UTC)
- Thanks for the heads-up(s). There's a lot for me to cover, but most importantly and contrary to what you said, I think you are able to at least ''face'' FB-FD using the Mew glitch with the respective special stats (unless the glitch trainers behave differently when Mew glitched compared to...more straightforward methods). What you're '''not''' able to do without cheating is attack the, or catch them. They should still appear with a legit method, though, so I don't see why they don't deserve their own articles. Heck, even if you couldn't as much as catch a glimpse of them without cheating, I still don't see the point, as long as they exist in the game just like BF-FA, FE and FF. (Taking this further, isn't 'M (FE) just the same as FB-FD? Still has an article, and no-one has a problem with it.
Anyhow, I will look into adding a more detailed page next time, complete with all information deemed necessary to stop it from being a stub. Cheers. [[User:Selvah|Selvah]] ([[User talk:Selvah|talk]]) 21:06, 21 September 2013 (UTC)