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Paul's Electivire

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It appeared again in ''[[DP128|A Pyramiding Rage!]]'', where it took part in Paul's battle against [[Pyramid King Brandon]]. It was defeated by [[Brandon's Regis#Regirock|Brandon's Regirock]].
[[File:Paul Electivire Motor Drive.png|thumb|250px|left|{{a|Motor Drive}} activated]]
It re-appeared during the [[Full Battle]] that Paul had with Ash in ''[[DP131|Pedal to the Mettle!]]'' and ''[[DP132|Evolving Strategies!]]''. It mainly used {{m|Light Screen}} in the battle which provided protectionSpecial Defense increase for his other Pokémon. This; helpedmainly [[Paul's Honchkrow]] and {{TP|Paul|Torterra}} against [[Ash's Grotle]] and {{p|Chimchar}}, respectively. It usually was recalled after doing so. ItIts only trulytrue battledopponent was [[Ash's Monferno]]. inIt was a close matchbattle, but Electabuzzafter finallya final clash of {{m|Mach Punch}} and {{m|ThunderPunch}}, Monferno fell and Electabuzz won the match for Paul.
It also made an appearance in ''[[DP163|Fighting Ire with Fire!]]'', where Paul unsuccessfully used it to try to save [[BarryAsh's EmpoleonPikachu]], [[AshDawn's PikachuPiplup]] and [[DawnBarry's PiplupEmpoleon]] from one of {{TRT}}'s machines.
In ''[[DP184|Casting a Paul on Barry!]]'', during Paul's battle against {{an|Barry}} in the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]], Electabuzz was revealed that it had evolved into an Electivire, and had learned {{m|Giga Impact}} prior to the battle. It fought, and won, against [[Barry's Empoleon]], and quite easily defeated it.
Paul used it as his last Pokémon in his quarter-final battle against Ash in ''[[DP188|Battling a Thaw in Relations!]]'' where it defeated Ash's {{AP|Gliscor}} and {{AP|Pikachu}} helped by its {{a|Motor Drive}} Ability and extensible tails. After a heated battle, it was finally defeated by {{AP|Infernape}} once Infernape activated its {{a|Blaze}} Ability was activated.