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'''Black & White — Next Destinies''' (Japanese: '''サイコドライブ・ヘイルブリザード''' ''Psycho Drive · Hail Blizzard'') is the name given to the fourth main expansion of cards from the English ''Black & White'' Series of the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]. The Japanese release is the third of the BW era. The Japanese release is split into two subsets, ''Psycho Drive'' and ''Hail Blizzard'', which make up the main expansion in Japan.
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Pokémon-EX are more powerful versions of Pokémon, giving Trainers great rewards when used effectively. But beware: Trainers also suffer heavier losses when those Pokémon are defeated! In Black & White—Next Destinies, players will find more than 100 Pokémon, including some—like Mewtwo-EX—from beyond the Unova region for the first time in this expansion! Discover elusive Pokémon like Reshiram-EX and Zekrom-EX. Black & White—Next Destinies delivers your destiny: Pokémon with exceptional HP, Special Energy and Trainer cards with expanded powers, and new strategies to extend your victory streaks!
'''Next Destinies''' is the fourthfirst expansion of the Black & White Series of the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]], and is the first to include {{TCG|Pokémon-EX}}. Pokémon-EX is a variant of Pokémon similar to a different variant introduced during the EX Series: {{TCG|Pokémon-ex}}. They share similar gameplay effects, but are different in both name and style. Pokémon-EX are more powerful versions of Pokémon, giving Trainers great rewards when used effectively, however, Trainers also suffer heavier losses when they are defeated.
Next Destinies includes six Pokémon-EX: {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Shaymin-EX|5}}, {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Reshiram-EX|22}}, {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Kyurem-EX|38}}, {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Zekrom-EX|51}}, {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Mewtwo-EX|54}}, and {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Regigigas-EX|82}}. All six were given two different prints, one regular version, and one {{TCG|Full Art card|Full Art}} version each. Shaymin-EX and Mewtwo-EX come from the Japanese '''Psycho Drive''' expansion, while Kyurem-EX and Regigigas-EX come from the Japanese '''Hail Blizzard''' expansion. Reshiam-EX and Zekrom-EX come from the {{TCG|Reshiram EX Battle Strength Deck}} and the {{TCG|Zekrom EX Battle Strength Deck}}, respectively. Psycho Drive's {{TCG ID|Psycho Drive|Kyogre-EX|15}} and Hail Blizzard's {{TCG ID|Hail Blizzard|Groudon-EX|32}} were not included in the English release for the set, and were instead saved for the subsequent set, {{TCG|Dark Explorers}}.
Included in thethis set are Pokémon from outside the [[Unova]] [[region]]. Almost 40 Pokémon from before [[Generation V]] are included in the expansion. Because of the mainstream inclusion of Pokémon not native to the Unova region, the {{TCG|Secret card}}s changed. Previously, Secret cards in the {{TCG|Black & White}} and {{TCG|Noble Victories}} expansions were of popular Pokémon that were extremely rare to Unova, specifically, {{p|Pikachu}} and {{p|Meowth}}. Starting with the Next Destiniesthis expansion, the Secret cards depicted [[Shiny Pokémon]]. These Shiny Pokémon were reprints of popular cards released previously during the Black & White Series. The included cards were {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Emboar|100}} from {{TCG|Black & White}} ({{TCG|Black Collection}} in Japan), {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Chandelure|101}} from {{TCG|Noble Victories}} ({{TCG|Red Collection}} in Japan), {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Zoroark|102}} from {{TCG|Black & White}} ({{TCG|White Collection}} in Japan), and {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Hydreigon|103}} from {{TCG|Noble Victories}} ({{TCG|Red Collection}} in Japan).
Because Pokémon-EX are all {{TCG|Basic Pokémon|Basic}} Legendary Pokémon, some of the {{TCG|Trainer card}}s are designed to benefit only Basics. {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Skyarrow Bridge|91}} lessens each Basic Pokémon's Retreat by {{e}}, and {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Prism Energy|93}} provides every type of Energy when attached to a Basic. Also included was a reprint of {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Double Colorless Energy|92}}, which many of the Pokémon in Next Destinies can utilize. A significant amount of Pokémon, such as {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Pinsir|1}}, {{TCG ID|Noble Victories|Reuniclus|52}} (which originated from Psycho Drive), and {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Cinccino|85}}, have 90 HP or less in order to utilize {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Level Ball|89}}. The same can be said for {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Heavy Ball|88}}, which can be utilized by {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Cubchoo|36}}, {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Darmanitan|60}}, and {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Hippowdon|66}}. {{TCG|Emerging Powers}} {{TCG ID|Emerging Powers|Ferrothorn|73}}, which originated from {{TCG|Psycho Drive}}, is one of a few Pokémon that can utilize both.
The expansion focuses on [[Castelia City]] and the surrounding area. As such, much of the artwork features places around the city, such as {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Vanillite|31}} depicted at the {{DL|Castelia City|Casteliacone}} ice cream stand, and {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Meowth|80}} on the docks. Some, such as {{TCG ID|Next Destinies|Grimer|52}} in [[Castelia Sewers]], foreshadowed locations that would later become accessible in {{game|Black and White|s|Pokémon Black 2 and White 2|2}}. This set also features the work of four illustrators new to the TCG: [[James Turner]], [[Maiko Fujiwara]], [[Tomohiro Kitakaze]], and [[Megumi Mizutani]]. These four illustrators are all listed under "Pokémon design" on the [[Staff of Pokémon Black and White|credits of Pokémon Black and White]].