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'''Black & White — Plasma Freeze''' (Japanese: '''ラセンフォース・ライデンナックル''' ''Rasen Force · Raiden Knuckle'') is the name given to the ninth main expansion of cards from the English ''Black & White'' Series of the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]. The Japanese release is the eighth of the BW era.
''Team Plasma's frosty assault on Unova continues in the Pokémon TCG: Black & White—Plasma Freeze expansion, and Trainers everywhere must show an icy resolve if they are to halt the relentless deep freeze! The struggle will be bitter as Team Plasma releases a blizzard of Team Plasma Pokémon, including Deoxys-EX, Thundurus-EX, and all of Eevee's evolutions, backed by Team Plasma Energy, Item, and Supporter cards. But, with the Legendary Eon Pokémon Latios and Latias standing by your side and a host of Pokémon-EX ready to do battle, your opponents will find that now is the winter of their discontent!''
'''Plasma Freeze''' isand the ninthJapanese expansionequivalent of'''Rasen the Black & White Series of the Pokémon Trading CardForce Game.· ThisRaiden setKnuckle''' continues centering around Team Plasma and features {{p|Deoxys}} and {{p|Thundurus}} [[Form differences#Kami trio|Therian Forme]]. It was released December 14, 2012 in Japan and was released in the US on May 8, 2013.
Plasma Freeze includes 122 different cards, including six Pokémon-EX: Heatran-EX, Thundurus-EX, Deoxys-EX, Latias-EX, Latios-EX and Tornadus-EX.
Plasma Freeze contains cards from the ''Rasen Force · Raiden Knuckle'' expansion, and the {{TCG|Team Plasma Battle Gift Set}}.
The {{TCG|Prerelease cards|Prerelease promo}} is {{TCG ID|BW Promo|Metagross|75}} from the {{TCG|BW Black Star Promos}}, which was also given to those who buy either a Spiral Force or Thunder Knuckle booster box at participating stores in Japan.