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In Fall 2010, the rights to the series were purchased by another Portuguese channel, '''Panda Biggs'''. Production of the dub was moved into the '''Cinemágica''' studio in Porto, which meant replacement of the entire voice cast. TPCi took over the control of the series, adding a Portuguese subtitle below most of the season titles' English names', retaining the episode titles written in European Portuguese introduced in the ''Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl'' season, editing the ending credits with information from the local dub staff and replacing the "To be continued..." message with a translated one. It became known that the series' translator would be '''Sérgio Figueiredo'''.
The channel aired the 10th season from 20 September 2010 to 25 October 2010, showing 2 episodes each day of the week and repeating the 10 episodes shown on workweek in the weekend. Notably, this version had fixed some audio errors in the dub, along with replacing select lines from the original dub with ones of the new actors, which were presumed by the fans to be tests for the new voice cast. Midway through the airing of the 10th season, the channel started a promotion campaign of their new ownership of the series, conducting a contest in which 70 winners would win two tickets to a first-hand premiere of [[DP053]] and [[DP054]] in cinemas. There were two premieres: one in Lisbon (40 winners) and one in Porto (30 winners). Both premieres were held on 23 October 2010, with the winners notified two days earlier.
Like ''Battle Dimension'', the ''[[Pokémon: Black & White]]'' season's first two episodes got a promotion campaign for a first-hand premiere on cinema on 19 May 2012. Those competing for the special tickets had to send their participation notifications until two days earlier. 55 winners saw the episodes' premiere in Lisbon, and an additional 47 saw it in Porto. The series' TV premiere was on 26 May 2012. Only two episodes premiered each week during weekend, until the [[BW028|28th episode]]. However, starting from the [[BW029|29th]] (which aired at the start of September, when the channel usually changes the schedules of its series) and until [[BW048|the end of the season]], the channel aired one new episode every day, until it finished on 20 September 2012. Reruns of the episodes were aired as before, for nearly one year.
''[[Pokémon Black & White: Rival Destinies]]'' is hinted to beginbegan on 16 September 2013, just short of an year after the end of the previous season. The season title was fully translated onscreen for the first time.