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'''The Final Showdown VI''' or '''The Ultimate Goal''' (Japanese: '''最終超決戦VI''' ''The Final Battle VI'' or '''究極の結論''' ''The Ultimate End '') is the 265th round of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] {{pkmn|manga}}.
[[Archie]] and [[Maxie]] loom over {{adv|Ruby}}, who is being restrained by Archie's {{p|Tentacruel}}'s tentacles. Ruby realizes that they were the ones who dragged [[Magma Admin Courtney|Marge]] into the Cave of Origin and to her death. Maxie and Archie confirm this, and claim that she had deserved it. Outside of Sootopolis, [[Wallace]] realizes that he has to get {{adv|Sapphire}} out of his aircar and notes that sparks are shooting out of it.
Even though [[Norman]], the one who controlled {{p|Rayquaza}} is now dead, Maxie has his {{p|Houndoom}} torch his corpse just to be safe. As his father's body is set aflame, Ruby cries out in horror. Back at Sapphire's location, Sapphire is shocked to see the Robot King riding on the New Mauville generator which had been modified to be able to fly. Robot King reveals that he wanted to help fight after learning that [[Wattson]] was risking his life, but came too late when the battle was already over.
They use the generator's ability to absorb Plusle and Minun's electricity, increase it tenfold, and release it at the barrier to make a hole large enough to travel through. After getting through, they see the aftermath of the battle between Groudon and Kyogre. Wallace, realizing why Steven gave him the title of Champion back, jumps up to do battle with Maxie and Archie.
==Major events==