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'''VS Regirock, Regice, Registeel I''' or '''Joined Message''' (Japanese: '''VS レジロック・レジアイス・レジスチルI''' ''VS Regirock, Regice, Registeel I'' or '''結びつくメッセージ''' ''Joined Message'') is the 253rd round of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] {{pkmn|manga}}.
On top of the [[Lilycove Department Store]], [[Steven Stone]] senses the clash between large powers happening at [[Sootopolis City]]. Steven wonders if [[Wallace]] and the others succeeded in their mission, but quickly realizes that the surge of power is just spreading throughout the region.
In [[Sootopolis City]], [[Gabby and Ty]] ride on {{p|Absol}}'s back in attempt to escape the explosion engulfing the island. [[Wallace]] attempts to escape in his aircar, while [[Winona]]'s {{p|Altaria}} carries its unconscious Trainer away. {{adv|Ruby}} is engulfed in a huge bright light. Riding on his Metagross, Steven approaches Sootopolis City, only to be overwhelmed by the extreme power being emitted by the island. Because of the massive energy being shot out, the sea and earth begin exploding wildly, forcing Steven to defend himself with Metagross' {{m|Reflect}}. As the energy continues to push back {{p|Groudon}} and {{p|Kyogre}}, Steven sees a figure in the explosion and goes to rescue it.
He manages to rescue {{adv|Sapphire}}, who had been searching for him all around Hoenn. Sapphire, glad to have finally found Steven, hands him the letter she had been given by Steven's father. Steven opens the letter and inside is a paper with the Braille that was missing from the slab. Steven reads it, and figures out that the missing components of awakening {{p|Regirock}}, {{p|Regice}}, and {{p|Registeel}} are the Pokémon {{p|Wailord}} and {{p|Relicanth}}.
==Major events==