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<i>Ash is ready for his next badge—which means heading to Mossdeep City. To get there, Ash and friends will need to take the ferry in Lilycove City. On their way there, the kids encounter a Trainer named Elijah and his Camerupt, stuck in a river. They help get Camerupt out, and Elijah explains that he travels around, showing movies to the small towns in the area.
Traveling together, the group falls into a Team Rocket trap, and Camerupt is stolen. Corphish attacks the thieves and they get Camerupt back. While camping out in the woods, the kids reminisce about the last time each of them went to the movies, describing the movies each of them saw.
They arrive in a town, and Elijah sets up the equipment and begins to show the feature: "Plusle & Minun and the Princess Rescue". Team Rocket bust up the screening and run off with the equipment. Brock stays behind to entertain the crowd, while Elijah, Ash, May, and Max chase down the thieves. A trail of film leads the kids straight to Team Rocket, and Ash’s Grovyle takes them out.
Elijah shows the rest of the movie, and everyone enjoys it—even Team Rocket, watching from a hiding place in the bushes.</i>
The episode opens with {{Ash}} admiring his new {{Badge|Feather}}, a hard-won trophy from his battle with [[Winona]] at the [[Fortree City]] Gym. With six Badges, Ash now needs only two more to enter the [[Hoenn League]]. Ash triumphantly declares that they're heading to Gym battle number seven, before [[Max]] points out that Ash has no idea what or where that Gym is. After consulting his guide, {{an|Brock}} announces that they're now on their way to [[Mossdeep City]], which they will reach by way of ferry in [[Lilycove City]]. On the way, they encounter [[Elijah]], whose heavily burdened {{p|Camerupt}} has gotten stuck in the river. With the help of Ash and {{ashfr}}, Camerupt is soon across the river. When Max asks what his Camerupt is carrying, Elijah reveals that he runs a portable movie theater, with all of the equipment stored on his companion's back. Since Elijah and the gang are going in the same direction, they decide to travel together.