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'''Hokey Poké Balls!''' (Japanese: '''フシギダネとフシギダネ!モンスターボールを取り返せ!!''' ''{{tt|Fushigidane|Bulbasaur}} and {{tt|Fushigidane|Bulbasaur}}! Regaining the {{tt|Monster Balls|Poké Balls}}!!'') is the 74th episode of the {{series|Advanced Generation}}, and the 348th episode of the [[Pokémon anime]]. It was first broadcast in Japan on April 29, 2004 and in the United States on April 16, 2005.
<i>The kids arrive in a city where May lets her Bulbasaur to enjoy the scenery. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is at the Pokémon Center (PC) making "repairs" to the transporter machine.
Upon arrival at the PC, Ash calls Professor Oak. They decide that Ash's and May's Bulbasaur should meet, so Oak transports Ash's over. Unfortunately Team Rocket has rerouted the machine so they get all the full Poké Balls, and only empty Poké Balls arrive at the PC.
The kids confront Team Rocket outside the PC. James has attached a new engine to their balloon which malfunctions, so the thieves go blasting off. They drop one Poké Ball—Ash's Bulbasaur.
Team Rocket gathers up everything from the crash site and runs, but a hole in James' bag leaves a trail of Poké Balls along the way. The two Bulbasaur quickly pick up the trail to a cabin where the thieves are hiding.
Team Rocket seals up the cabin and begins fending off Ash and friends, using the Poké Balls as projectiles. The two Bulbasaur try to sneak the rest of the Poké Balls out through a window with their vines.
Pikachu breaks down the wall with Iron Tail, and the Bulbasaur team up to battle Team Rocket. Pikachu sends the thieves blasting off.
Back at the PC, Ash talks to Professor Oak again, who begs Ash to send Bulbasaur back. Everyone says goodbye, and the little Grass-type is sent home.</i>
{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arrive at a town. {{an|May}} decides to bring out {{TP|May|Bulbasaur}} in order to check out the sights. Bulbasaur suddenly runs to a nearby store rack and wants to eat the displayed fruit, but May explains the concept of buying items. When [[Max]] calls to May, Bulbasaur slips away and climbs into the bed of a pickup truck full of flowers, smelling them. May runs to the truck, but the vehicle pulls away. They pursue the truck, and Ash and {{an|Brock}} speed up, getting the driver’s attention and making him stop the truck, allowing May to get Bulbasaur.