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<i>The way to Olivine City and Ash's next Gym challenge lies across a desert of sand and rock. Just as Ash and his friends start to cross it, Team Rocket ambushes them and scoops up Pikachu. Cyndaquil is injured in the battle with Team Rocket, which ends when it uses Flamethrower on Weezing's Smokescreen and triggers an explosion that frees Pikachu but knocks Cyndaquil into the depths of the desert. However, local tales say that sick or injured Pokémon that enter the desert will return to their Trainers in great shape, almost as if the desert contains a hidden oasis.
Cyndaquil tries to find its way back, but when it collapses with weariness, other Pokémon come carry it away. After Team Rocket crash lands in the desert, Meowth is spirited away by other Pokémon too! Both injured Pokémon are whisked off to an oasis inside a hollowed-out mountain, where a Miltank heals them both. Team Rocket follows Meowth to the mountain, but they're turned away by a group of Exeggutor guards. Ash and his friends also find their way to the mountain, but use Brock's Onix to burrow past the guards.
Once they get inside, the Pokémon in the oasis spring to its defense. As Meowth explains, this is no place for people—these Pokémon want to be left alone! Team Rocket drops in with their balloon and order Meowth to help steal the Pokémon, but Meowth refuses to battle. Team Rocket's other Pokémon refuse to attack, too! Undeterred, Team Rocket grabs Miltank and overpowers Meowth, but they're soundly beaten by Cyndaquil. Now that Miltank and the other oasis Pokémon realize Ash means no harm, he can reunite with Cyndaquil and peacefully continue on his way.</i>
Seems the road to [[Olivine City]] is a bit longer than expected, as {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} stare upon a large desert badlands. They start to go and Ash suddenly gets caught in a hole, {{AP|Pikachu}} getting caught by a net. {{an|Brock}} and {{an|Misty}} look up, and who shows up? {{TRT}}. They say their {{motto}} but Brock and Misty just help Ash out. Well... looks like the usual, Ash calls out his {{AP|Cyndaquil}} to make short work of this. [[James]] sends {{TP|James|Weezing}} and Cyndaquil clings on him, about to use {{m|Flamethrower}} just up close. Weezing shakes Cyndaquil off and Cyndaquil lands on the ground, head first. When he gets up, a swelling grows on his nose, making him a bit weak. Team Rocket poke fun at Cyndaquil for a while and then James tells Weezing to use {{m|Sludge}}, Ash blocking the attack. Ash tells Cyndaquil to use Flamethrower again and after feeling somewhat self-conscious, Cyndaquil does so; however, Weezing uses {{m|SmokeScreen}} at the same time, causing a massive explosion that sends Team Rocket and Cyndaquil blasting off. Afterward, Ash tries to look for Cyndaquil but it seems not to work well. Brock suggests they go to the local [[Pokémon Center]] for any clues.
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[[File:Miltank Milk Drink.png|thumb|200px|right|Meowth and Cyndaquil sucking on Miltank's uddersudder]]
* This episode's dub title is a reference to the famous advertising slogan, "{{wp|Got Milk?}}"
===Dub edits===
* There are about 45 seconds of this episode which were removed from the English dub. The scene where {{MTR}} talks to Miltank about how Pokémon come to the oasis for healing was heavily cut. In the original Japanese version, Meowth speaks to Miltank about the aforementioned details. Then, Meowth and Ash's Cyndaquil start to suck on Miltank’s uddersudder for nourishment. All references and shots of Meowth and Cyndaquil sucking on Miltank's uddersudder were cut from the English dub, although when Ash enters the cave, Brock refers to the use of {{m|Milk Drink}}, and a teat can be seen in Cyndaquil's mouth for about a second.
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