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'''{{tt|Totodile Rock|VIZ Media}}''' or '''{{tt|Totodile, Come with Me!|Chuang Yi}}''' (Japanese: '''VS ワニノコ''' ''VS. {{tt|Waninoko|Totodile}}'') is the 98th round of the {{Chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}} in the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga.
This round begins with Gold's Cyndaquil, Exbo, fighting Silver's Totodile in an attempt to get it back to [[Professor Elm]]. After an exchange of the basic attacks {{m|Scratch}} and {{m|Tackle}}, Gold seems to have the upper hand and tells Silver to return the Pokémon he stole. When Silver (obviously) refuses, Gold says that if he were just about to return a stolen Pokémon, he wouldn't have taken it to begin with, and then shouts that since he promised to get Totodile back, he intends to keep it no matter what. The two then use the {{t|Water}}- and {{type|Fire}} moves {{m|Water Gun}} and {{m|Ember}}, with the water attack putting out Exbo's flames. Silver admonishes Gold, saying that Fire can't beat Water regardless of his feelings, as such an outcome is predetermined by its basic element.