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'''Wake Up—You’re Snorlax!''' (Japanese: '''VSカビゴン''' ''VS. {{tt|Kabigon|Snorlax}}'') is the twelfth round in the {{chap|Red, Green & Blue}} of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga.
{{adv|Red}} takes part in a bike race along {{rt|11|Kanto}}, having borrowed a [[Bicycle]] from the [[Pokémon Fan Club Chairman]], but when it starts, he finds himself far behind everyone. However, he catches up when everyone stops at a river filled with {{p|Tentacruel}}, forcing the cyclists to cross one at a time—all except for a {{tc|Swimmer}} who informs him that Pokémon are allowed to be used in the race. Watching the Swimmer get across on his {{p|Slowpoke}} gives Red an idea, and he sends out [[Poli]] in order to make a bridge of ice using {{m|Ice Beam}}, allowing Red to gain considerable ground.