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In the anime
Cress makes his debut in ''[[BW005|Triple Leaders, Team Threats!]]'' alongside his brothers, and fellow [[Gym Leader]]s {{an|Cilan}} and [[Chili]]. Along with Chili, he first makes his appearance when Cilan brings {{Ash}} to the Gym where he then proceeds to take his drink order. Ash declines saying he wants to battle the Gym Leader, and as he gets up to leave Cress and his brothers introduce themselves as the leaders. They then lead Ash to the battleground where they introduced their individual Pokémon.
He was the second to battle Ash, where he proceeded to defeat {{AP|Pikachu}},despite his Panpour's type disadvantage. He appears again at the beginning of ''[[BW006|Dreams by the Yard Full!]]'' where he and his brothers present the {{Badge|Trio}} to Ash. Later he and Chili say goodbye to Cilan, who had decided to travel with Ash and {{an|Iris}}.
He appeared in a flashback in ''[[BW019|A Connoisseur's Revenge!]]'' where he and Chili inform [[Burgundy]] that Cilan had gone on a journey and could not battle her again.