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* In [[The Four Star Challenge|the novelization]] of the anime episode where Lorelei appeared, she is still referred to as Prima, except for one error near the novelization's ending where she is called Lorelei.
* Lorelei is the only member of the Kanto Elite Four, excluding the Champion, who lacks two Pokémon of the same species, Bruno has two {{TP|Bruno|Onix}}, Agatha has two {{p|Gengar}}, and Lance has two {{p|Dragonair}}.
* Lorelei is the first Elite Four member other than the Champion to be seen outside of battle in the games. This is only true for Generation III. The second is {{EF|Flint}} of the [[Sinnoh]] Elite Four in [[Generation IV]],and the third and fourth are [[Shauntal]],[[Caitlin]] and [[Marshal]] in [[Generation V]].
* Lorelei is one of two members of any Elite Four to have a [[Floe Island|home]] shown {{game3|FireRed and LeafGreen|in-game|s}}, the other being [[Caitlin]].
** And both of these places were inaccessible when the characters first debuted.