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== Hello ==
So,this is my userpage! Welcome! I really love Pokémon,the anime,games and manga! I also like the Sonic the Hedgehog series,Animal Crossing,The Sims 3 and New Super Mario Bros. My favorite movie is Battle Royale,and my favorite anime (besides Pokémon) are Another,Mirai Nikki and Naruto.I also like K-Pop and J-Pop and my favorite groups are SNSD,4minute and 2ne1.My favorite Pokémon type is Ghost and my favorite Pokémon is Mismagius.I also like Ice,Water,Dragon,Poison and Grass Pokémon.
== My Favorite Characters ==
So,my favorite character in the anime is May.I just really like her! She is so cute but not so girly as Dawn,she is also a good friend and is very careful! My favorite Gym Leaders from each region are: Sabrina (Kanto),Whitney and Morty (Johto),Roxanne and Flannery (Hoenn),Candice and Volkner (Sinnoh) and Iris (Unova).My favorite Elite 4 members are: Lorelei (Kanto),Karen (Johto),Phoebe (Hoenn),Bertha (Sinnoh) and Shauntal (Unova),and my favorite Champions are Iris and Cynthia.My favorite rivals are Bianca (she is cute and clumsy) and Drew.