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Grey (Golden Boys)

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'''Grey''' (Japanese: '''グレイ''' ''Grey'') is a {{tc|Executive|Rocket Executive}} in the [[Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys|Golden Boys]] manga. Since [[Team Rocket]] no longer has a distinct Boss after [[Giovanni]]'s departure, he seems to have taken the role of a highest member in the team.
He is first seen in ''[[GB11|Gold and Black VS Team Rocket]]'' at the [[Pokémon Summit]] in [[Ecruteak City]], when Team Rocket tries to spoil the summit using radiomagnetic waves to confuse {{pkmn|Trainer}}s and their [[Pokémon]] in order to steal rare Pokémon gathered in that place. {{GnB|Gold}} and {{GnB|Black}} try to stop him using {{p|Espeon}} and {{p|Umbreon}} borrowed from [[Bill]] against his {{p|Houndour}}, but the [[Legendary Beasts]] spoiled this fight and managed to ruin Team Rocket's deeds. Some {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt|grunts}} got arrested, but Grey seemingly managed to escape.