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Silver (game)

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Gold, Silver and Crystal
* After battle
:''"…I haven't given up on becoming the greatest trainer… I'm going to find out why I can't win and become stronger…. When I do, I will challenge you. And I'll beat you down with all my power. …Humph! You keep at it until then."''
=====[[Dragon's Den]]=====
* First time talking to
:''"… What? <player>? …No, I won't battle you now… My <sc>Pokémon</sc> aren't ready to beat you. I can't push them too hard now. I have to be disciplined to become the greatest <sc>Pokémon</sc> trainer…"''
* Second time talking to
:''"… Whew… Learn to stay out of my way…"''
=====[[Mt. Moon]]=====