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Drake (Orange League)

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That's not how you spell history...
'''Drake''' (Japanese: '''ユウジ''' ''Yūji'') is the leader of the [[Orange League]]. {{pkmn|Trainer}}s who defeat him in a [[Full Battle]] at [[Pummelo Stadium]] receive the [[Winner's Trophy]] and enter the Orange League [[Palace of Victory|Hall of Fame]].
[[Ash Ketchum]] battled him in ''[[EP111|Hello, Pummelo!]]'' and ''[[EP112|Enter The Dragonite]]''.
Although the dub implies that Drake is merely a fifth [[Gym Leader]] in the Orange League, the Japanese version specifically uses the title [[Head Leader]] to denote his importance. Additionally, Drake is not necessarily a [[Pokémon Champion|Pokémon League Champion]] either, given that it is not clarified whether or not he ever actually had to defeat a previous Head Leader in order to take the title (though it is suggested). In ''[[The Electric Tale of Pikachu]]'' manga, he is referred to as the Orange Crew Supreme Gym Leader. Ash battles him in ''[[Electric Tale of Pikachu volume 4|Surf's Up, Pikachu]]''.
In both the anime and manga, Ash was the first person to defeat Drake in Orange League history. Many Trainers never even got past Drake's first Pokémon, {{p|Ditto}}, apparently losing their cool seeing a copycat defeat their own Pokémon. Before Ash's challenge, Drake seemed bored and wondered if anyone would ever defeat him. He keeps his prized {{p|Dragonite}}'s [[Poké Ball]] around his neck. Though no one (beforeprior to Ash battles him, that is) hashad ever knocked out four of his Pokémon in a row, it is implied that some Trainers did get past his five other Pokémon only to be defeated by Dragonite, as the announcer says that he has saved Dragonite for last many times before.