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In ''[[BW096|Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!]]'', Meloetta battled {{AP|Krookodile}} after wishing to do so. However, they were interrupted by Ridley and his {{p|Golurk}}, who mistakenly thought the battle was against Meloetta's will. It was soon attacked and captured by Team Rocket, along with Ash and {{AP|Pikachu}}, who served as hostages of Team Rocket. Subsequently, all three were taken to the Abyssal Ruins, and Ash and Pikachu were imprisoned.
In [[BW097|the following episode]], using the Reveal Glass, {{an|Giovanni}} summoned the [[KamiForces Trioof Nature]] to fight Ash, Iris, Cilan, Ridley and Cynthia. After various failed attempts, Meloetta managed to calm the trio down with its song. After [[Team Rocket]] retreated back to [[Kanto]], Meloetta reunited with Ridley at last, and accompanied him back to the village, much to Oshawott's dismay.
==Personality and characteristics==
Normally Meloetta is an extremely shy Pokémon and will hide from strangers because of its tragic past. However it will quickly warm up to someone new and is willing to help them if needed. Though a genderless species in the games, Meloetta displays many feminine traits. It seems to like Ash most of all, at times exhibiting signs of a crush on him, while Oshawott and {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}} like it. While it's timid in its Aria Forme, it becomes a strong battler after transforming into its Pirouette Forme and can take on opponents much larger than it is.
Meloetta can use its voice to calm down the Pokémon around it if they happen to be irritated, which has a similar effect to [[Oración]]. It can turn invisible but it can be seen in this state if proper equipment is used, such as the kind Team Rocket has. It also possesses a song that will unseal the Undersea Temple, which it restrained itself from singing. Following the interaction with Ash, it let its guard down and eventually sang the whole song on a seashore which was recorded by Team Rocket. It also has the ability to channel the energy required to control the Kami[[Forces trioof Nature]] while they are in Therian Forme. However, this will cause Meloetta a lot of pain.
==Moves used==