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* Ash's gloves disappear when he cries out in joy after being presented with the incentives offered by Nastina.
* In the shot where Team Rocket is being held by Tentacruel, the Tentacool beneath it are miscolored as light brown.
* After Tentacruel appears, Brock says that it shouldn't be more than 7 feet tall, but a normal Tentacruel is only 5'3".
* During one scene of both the Tentacool speaking through {{MTR}} and the multiple Tentacool destroying the city, Tentacruel can be seen without Meowth in its tentacle.
* {{an|Brock}} states that it was Tentacruel using {{TRM}} as a puppet. However, while Tentacruel was holding Meowth, it was actually a {{p|Tentacool}} that was controlling him.