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Not to be a Debbie Downer, but this page is phrased as if it's a foregone conclusion that there will be more Pokeraps even though there probably won't. All I can find on the Satan thing are fansites mocking the fundies, not any actual fundies complaining.
The '''Pokérap''' is a series of songs that was made popular by the [[Pokémon anime]]. ItThey isare the English equivalent of the song ''[[Can You Name All the Pokémon|Can You Name All the Pokémon?]]'' songs.
The main purpose of the songsongs waswere to [[List of Pokémon|list all the known Pokémon]] of a specific generation. It usually rhymes, as heard in theThe [[Kanto Pokérap|original]] and [[Hoenn Pokérap]]s whichrhymed; the former had many Pokémon names that rhymed, but no rhymes were made inand the [[Pokéraplatter GS|nextrhymed one]]normal aswords theretogether wasinstead aof limit onPokémon names. thatNo rhymedrhymes andwere Pokémon.made Thein thirdthe [[HoennPokérap Pokérap|PokérapGS]] had rhymes, but didn't rhyme any Pokémon, instead rhyming normal words together, or with the Pokémon's namehowever.
UsuallyIn the first two songs, the evolutionary families would be jumbled up, and sung in different lines or verseverses. In later raps, such as the Hoenn Pokérap, this rule was not followed; themany {{p|Lotad}}evolutionary evolutionfamilies family waswere sung togetherwith two or three of their members back-to-back.
There are currently three Pokérap songs, one for each of the first three generations. Pokéraps have yetnot to bebeen made forfrom the [[Generation IV|fourth]] and [[Generation V|fifth generationsgeneration]] of the Pokémon animeonward.
==Current Pokéraps==
*Some {{wp|Christian fundamentalism|Christian fundamentalists}} complained about the song{{fact}}, because they claimed that if one were to play backwards the Pokérap, "Gotta Catch 'em All!" can be heard as "I love {{wp|Satan}}".
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