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Vandalism: My talk page message has been up there for a month, and nobody replied to it. That means nobody has a problem with it going.
The majority of images on Bulbapedia are recognized as "fair use".
Due to the interactive and collaborative nature of the site, Bulbapedia is prone to vandalism. This is often quickly seen and reverted by good-faith contributors, but two incidents have stood out in the site's history. '''The Great Bulbapedia Turkey Shoot''' is the firstVandalism, and was for a long period of time documented for its historicity. The secondcourse, more recent spate is unnamed,not althoughtolerated it was once jokingly referred to as '''The Greaton Bulbapedia Turkey Shoot II: Back for Dessert'''.<ref>[ Turkey Shoot II]</ref> The Turkey Shoot had its own article on the site for a fairly long period of time, but many people, both general users and staffaccounts alike,performing foundsuch theactions article towill be of questionable notability. The {{bp|staff}} of Bulbapedia held a vote in late March of 2012 and decided the article was no longer worthblocked keepingpermanently.
:"Things like [that page] give us the small-town feel, but we've almost certainly outgrown it. I'm fine with it being taken down." — {{u|evkl}}
:"It has been decided that although [the] page details a major point in Bulbapedia's history, it glorifies vandalism, which sends the wrong message. We do not tolerate vandalism, nor shall we ever again dedicate a page to showcasing such heinous acts on our site." — {{u|MAGNEDETH}}
Vandalism, of course, is not tolerated on Bulbapedia and accounts performing such actions will be blocked permanently.
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