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[[File:Veilstone Meteors.png|thumb|100px|left|The meteors of [[Veilstone City]]]]
While this is happening, [[Team Galactic]] notice Team Rocket, and the Trio start their {{motto}}, only to be interrupted by a nonchalant Saturn sending out his {{TP|Saturn|Toxicroak}}, who blasts them a short distance with a {{m|Sludge Bomb}}. The gang arrive and suspect the Rocket's to be behind it, to the ire of Jessie. Toxicroak sends a {{m|Dark Pulse}} at them all, and Lucario quickly intervenes with an {{m|Aura Sphere}} which has no effect on Toxicroak. Jenny then arrives, and confronts and reveals who Team Galactic are. At this point, Saturn tells the grunts to release their {{p|Golbat}} to distract the group, in order for the meteors to continue being lifted. The group struggles with the Golbat, until Reggie arrives with {{TP|Paul|Electabuzz}} to help in the fight. While the fight is going on, [[Brock's Croagunk]] and Saturn's Toxicroak are battling, when Team Rocket get in middle of two attacks and end up blasting off. The group take out many of the Golbat after a lucky shot from a combined electric attack by {{AP|Pikachu}} and Electabuzz. Electabuzz becomes surrounded by Golbat, until Pikachu uses {{m|Thunderbolt}} to disperse them, and asks if Electabuzz is OK. One of the Golbat, however, manages to fire off a {{m|Shadow Ball}} at Pikachu, which Electabuzz blocks. The attention turns to the helicopters, and the gang turns their attention to the cables attached to the meteors. Pikachu uses {{m|Volt Tackle}}, supercharged by Electabuzz's {{m|Thunder}} attack, Lucario uses AuraBone SphereRush to cut the cables, and [[Dawn's Piplup]] uses {{m|Whirlpool}} to contain the meteors to protect them. Saturn sighs at the grunts telling him that it's time, and retreats. Pikachu and Lucario send off a Thunderbolt and an Aura Sphere respectively, but the helicopters are too far away.
Ash apologizes for not being able to apprehend them, but Jenny says that everyone is safe, as are the meteors, so it's a job well done. Meanwhile, in the helicopter, Saturn discusses how their next plan is at the lake, as Team Galactic flies into the sunset.