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About Me
{{User Male}}
{{User Brown Hair}}
{{User Obsession|644149|[[GenerationDragon V(type)|dragons]]|000000|{{blackdragon color}}|{{whitedragon color light}}}}
{{User Favorite Subject|142|History}}
{{User Spicy|Bag Tamato Berry Sprite}}
{{User Rain}}
{{User Help}}
{{User Renewable}}
{{User Breeding}}
{{User Pokéathlete}}
{{User Baby Kangaskhan}}
|- class="expandable"
| <big>'''''Favorite Things'''''</big>
|{{User Favorite|643351|ReshiramCastform|Dragon|FireNormal}}
{{User Favorite Type|004|Fire}}
{{User Favorite Move|006|Flamethrower|Fire}}
{{User Pokémon|004|Charmander|m}}
{{User PMD Partner|133|Eevee|Normal}}
{{User Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity}}
{{User Ranger}}
All you need to know about me (and probably more than anyone would want to know) would be in the expandable box on the right side of this page.
=== My Favorite Teams ===
|move1=Quick Attack
|move2=Double Team
|move3=Steel Wing
|move4=Aerial Ace
|ability=Natural Cure
|move1=Take DownHail
|move2=PerishRain SongDance
|move3=DragonBreathSunny Day
|move4=SkyWeather AttackBall
|ability=Rock Head
|move1=Metal Claw
|move2=Iron Defense
|move4=Iron Tail