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Raticate (Pokémon)

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===Physiology===Raticate is quadruped Pokémon with two large teeth out of its mouth.Like its [[Rattata|pre-evolution]],its teeth grow continuously.Three rows of whiskers extend from its muzzle, which it uses to maintain balance.They are said to be very aggressive Pokemon.Upon being attacked,they use their fangs to afraid its foes.A female Raticate has shorter whiskers and the colour of their fur is also dim.
Raticate arenaturally much larger than Rattata, are mostly tawnylive in color with a lighter-colored underside, and although they are still classified as {{dl|[[List of Pokémon by body stylehabitat|Pokémon with a quadruped body|quadrupedal}} Raticate typically walk on two legs. Like Rattata, Raticate’s most prominent feature is its very large incisor teeth that grow quickly. Three rows of whiskers extend from its muzzle, which it uses to maintain balance. They also possess webbed feet, which can enable them to swim. Raticate has a much more rat-like tail than Rattata, being long, scaled,plains and bare, and its ears are more ragged in shape.savannas]]
====Gender differences====
Females have shorter whiskers and their fur is a lighter color.
===Special abilities===
Raticate have teeth that are strong enough to {{m|Hyper Fang|gnaw through steel}}. They can swim, and they also have the ability to {{a|intimidate}} their foes (although they cannot have the actual [[Ability]]).
Raticate are a bit more aggressive than Rattata, due to its bigger size. If attacked, it stands up on its hind legs, bares its fangs and shrieks in an intimidating manner at its enemy. They need something to gnaw on such as rocks or logs or their teeth may grow too much. They are willing to take on larger foes if provoked enough. Raticate searches wide areas for food, and the webbing on its hind legs enable it to cross rivers. As Raticate uses its whiskers to maintain balance, it will apparently slow down if they are cut off.
[[File:Grassland Habitat.png|thumb|{{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Grassland Pokémon}}]]
Raticate naturally live in plains and savannas, however, like Rattata, it can be found almost anywhere there's food. It is a common sight in [[Kanto]], [[Johto]] and [[Sinnoh]], and can also be found in [[Unova]].
{{main|Pokémon food}}
Raticate are omnivores in the truest sense, in that they are able to subsist on almost anything edible. Their webbed feet enable them to hunt for prey in rivers, however.
==In the anime==