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Multi-strike move

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Generation V
===[[Generation V]]===
The Focus Sash and Focus Band no longer protect the holder against multiple hits of a multi-strike move (unless the Focus Band activates multiple times). The newly upgraded {{a|Sturdy}} only activates against one single hit of a multi-strike move (provided said hit would have knocked out the target and that said target was at full HP to begin with). The Abilities {{a|Weak Armor}} and {{a|Justified}} are activated by each hit of a multi-strike move, while {{a|Sap Sipper}} is activated only once. The item [[Rocky Helmet]] is activated by each hit. The newly upgraded Ability {{a|Stench}} will take each hit into consideration when determining whether or not the opponent will {{status|flinch}}, and does not stack with the Razor Fang or King's Rock. The number of hits is now shown after the target faints.
==List of multi-strike moves==